Wisconsin - Anyone interested?

Just wondering, things are dead around by me and nobody understands this hobby.....
I am trying to setup a database of people who would like to see an audio cub for Wisconsin. If pleople who live in Wisconsin and would like to join such a club, please email me your contact info. With info, those who respond, can see how many people are from what city and then choise what city to house the first meeting or maybe have several smaller clubs, each located in the larger cities.
I filled up the gas tank on my motorcycle and I'm ready to travel. Where's the first meeting???
There are plenty of hi-end shops in the Madison and Milwaukee area. Plus the extensive Jazz scene in Madison and the generally openness of Madison, WI helps to foster creativity on many fronts. So I suspect we can get this audio club going ! Another MAD-CITY Audiophile!
I have tried to generate responses from people who have posted on this thread before. It seems people are interested in talking but no one really wants to do anything. If you can put something together I have several people in Green Bay who are interested. Let me know.
Greeting to all...

Currently, this is what I have:
FirstName LastName City EmailAddress
Nate Kern Green Bay NathanaelKern@aol.com
John Barlow Milwaukee loki1957@nconnect.net
Jerry Slavata Brookfield audiojerry@yahoo.com
Noel Anderson Madison nanderson@mailbag.com
Bruce Wentler Portage bwentler@merr.com

Nate and John stated that there are several others in their areas that would like to start one up but when I requested their contact info to add to the database, I have not received any. I can understand this for how would they know me from a hole in a wall?

I'm not doing realy anything this weekend if anyone would like to meet?