Wisconsin - Anyone interested?

Just wondering, things are dead around by me and nobody understands this hobby.....
Greeting to all...

Currently, this is what I have:
FirstName LastName City EmailAddress
Nate Kern Green Bay NathanaelKern@aol.com
John Barlow Milwaukee loki1957@nconnect.net
Jerry Slavata Brookfield audiojerry@yahoo.com
Noel Anderson Madison nanderson@mailbag.com
Bruce Wentler Portage bwentler@merr.com

Nate and John stated that there are several others in their areas that would like to start one up but when I requested their contact info to add to the database, I have not received any. I can understand this for how would they know me from a hole in a wall?

I'm not doing realy anything this weekend if anyone would like to meet?
I would enjoy participating and get-togethers, but I am not in a position to get involved in any type of formal organization.

I strongly encourage others to check out a new site called
There is lots of lively interactive discussion taking place there, and a lot of get-togethers are initiated from there. In fact, another particpant in that forum from Port Wash. is coming over tomorrow evening to listen to some 801's that I just got and to let me audition his new Shanling. Others would be welcome.
I don't know e-mail addresses for the people from Green Bay who are interested. I would certainly let them know if something were in the works though. One of them works Saturday in an AV shop here so availability might be limited.
Audiojerry and others,

I don't think this needs to be or probably should be all that formal. In fact, I think informality should be a desired trait. I got started in this hobby almost in the cradle (actually in grade school) in mid-1960's. My next door neighbor was a high school english teacher (female no less)that had an 20-ft tower above her house strickly dedicated to FM. She had all tube Marantz and Mac equipment, Thorens tables, SME etc. In the 1970s she bought a ReVox A700 (~$3k in 1975 dollars), ReVox B77 II, among other major outlays. She still has the A700 to this day. 3 doors down from her was a electrical engineer who built his son a radio station equiped with Logan Turntables with a variety of tone arms. The dad had all Mac tube gear. What I remember from those days was that all these people just enjoyed the music. No one knew what the heck they had but they sure did enjoy the music over wine, cheese and conversation.

It makes sick to see people think this hobby is about my views are more valid than your views. Music is a sensory connection to the soul. How that is defined is unique to every person. What elements of the musical presentation makes that happen is no less person specific than their individual tastes in what makes the right about of ground pepper on their salad. You would no more say "You are crazy if you like that salad. I say it does not taste good. There believe me because I said it forceably or repeated with others I intimidated into agreeing with me?".

There are plenty of minor hurdles in getting an audio club together including privacy concerns, dealing with egos, etc. So maybe we could start this as an embryo project. A few people meeting with each other over a beer or coffee in a convenient place nearby their homes. This way we can judge if we want the other person roaming around in our houses and if we have a person with an agenda.

This could be a very rewarding thing to get started in more ways than one. People that like music appreciate the creative side of the mind and likely have other diverse and interesting perspectives. This could build life long friendships as well as being able to hear a variety of components in a variety of contexts.

Anyway that is my 2 cents.
I've been following this thread off and on for a while. No body seem to know how a club would function. Do we meet in small groups in peoples houses to listen to guys set ups and talk about them. I don't know how long that would last. It's hard dealing with egos and all. Although I'm open to people coming to my house and listening and discusing audio.I've been to a Chicago Audio Society meeting. They rent space in a building a once a month get together. They get alot of people in the audio industry to come and demo their goods. That is alot of work for someone. I don't see that any thing will ever happen in WI untill someone or two say there is a meeting at such and such location. Anyone interested should come and lets figure out what we want. I don't what to put the time and effort into such an under taking but I would sure like to attend meetings set up by someone.