Wisconsin - Anyone interested?

Just wondering, things are dead around by me and nobody understands this hobby.....
LOL :) ! Honestly, this is just about setting a tone for the infomality and , hopefully, fun nature of an audio club. The Rathskeller because we won't be kicked out because we are not drinking enough or taking someones table and it is just a conducive atmosphere to letting your hair down.
How about a date and time. If we get no response to this Nanderson and Nrchy I'll just have you over to my house in Milw. as you 2 seem to be driving all the posts. Lets hear from everyone.
I gotta work this Sunday but Saturday is free for me. So how about this Saturday, Feb 8, at noon or sometime after that?

Audiogon just notified me of this. I may not be available this time around, but I strongly encourage anyone to see and hear lokil957 system. It has got to be one of the best anywhere.
Since this first meeting is very informal and probably not worth people traveling 100-miles for without a list of things to discuss. Even then it might be better to share the results of the initial meetings in our respective cities. I just checked the Memorial Union Events Calendar (http://www.union.wisc.edu/events/) and nothing looks too big happening at the union to make it hard to get a parking place in the parking garage (2-hr metered parking) across the street from the Union for the early afternoon on Saturday Feb. 8. Yet I wonder if the thing to do is do a Zip code search for members with our local areas and send them an e-mail and set something up when we have a more viable and diverse audience (say at least 6 would be nice). With only 3 of us or so each in a different city it would seem a little disjoint to do with this without some planning. I, can do a search of zip codes, in my area in Audiogon. Of course, this will only find those members that are selling something but it is probably better than 3 people in State as large as Wisconsin. It might also be good to look at the threads they participated in and see if they are the "ones up-man-ship" or "I know best type" before sending them an invitation. Absent any threads, we could see what there Feedback is as an indication of their character. I opt to hold off for a few weeks till we can get the snowball at least rolling down the hill a bit.

Also, feel free to e-mail me. I am working on a list of things to think about for a "Mission Statement" for such a club. Your thoughts are appreciated.

I just got a great pair of updated, Talon Peregrine Xs with those massive claw stands in yesterday. Man, oh man, could I have used some help just moving them around and getting them setup. They are incredible speakers but have a finish that has a texture like a mirror (essentially no friction at all on the surface and big and heavy for a monitor). You can imagine how fun that was getting them out of their double boxes and carrying them across a ceramic floor.

Not many in the midwest have heard the Talons and this could be a place to showcase the lesser known pieces. I am really struck by their many incredible sonic virtues. I am running them in my 2-channel system with a ARC-LS22 with Infinicap upgrade and YBA 2-alpha HCDT. From what I have read it will take several hundred hours of break in time to do them justice but already I am impressed.