Wisdom Audio Adrenaline 75 dipoles?


Has anyone heard these speakers before? I am buying a pair
Is it a speaker of a lifetime?

Any opinions (from someone who has actually heard them) would be GREATLY appreciated about now.

Hi again Bob, If I had a room your size the choice would be an easy one. Soundlab.
I too just bought a pair of dipoles. I listened to the quie a lot. They were driven by Jeff Rowland amps/pre and an Oracle cdp. They sound absolutely amazing. Their spacial recreation of recorded music makes you feel like the artist is truly there. My recording of Rob Wasserman and Cheryl Bentyne performing Angel Eyes revealed areas of the music that I had never heard before and words that I thought were just sounds.
I'd have to second Brulee's recomendation I have a room of similar size to your own and the Soundlab A-1's sound great. Good luck, you're in a good price range to buy something excellent.
for 20-25% of the money, ya mite wanna czech out the newforM research r645's, (or the nhb645's, especially if ya run subwoofers). see their www, & the reviews on audioreview.com. 30-day in-home trial - yure only out shipping if they don't do it for ya. i'm saving for these...
i have heard these speakers a few times at a local dealer and was mostly impressed. set-up was inconsistent. i am used to dynamic speakers so they sounded slightly washed out to me. but i think that is my listening biases coming thru. one problem was that they were always tinkering with the crossover and they never were fully satisfied with it. that would frustrate me but someone else might love to tinker. they clearly have great potential and your room has the size to let them breathe. good luck.

mike lavigne