Wish List For Vinyl Pressings

Vinyl is king. Lets make it bigger and better.

With the huge resurgence of vinyl pressings new, reissue, 45RPM Lp's and specialty box sets, not to mention turntable sales, we are certainly living in the great second life of the analogue vinyl Lp album. All this and the abundance of used records is wonderful.

Here's the thing, I was thinking that the industry could use a list by us of albums that would be well received if put to press. Who else but a group of AudioGoners to offer up a wish list. This helps everyone, the artist, the record industry, the record stores and us the music lovers. Everyone wins.

Please keep with a couple of simple guide lines to make this an easy read for those industry guys. This is a list of titles that have never been on vinyl or are out of print, or very, very rare items. This should be record titles, artist names, maybe even catalog numbers if the item had previously been in press. Lets keep the banter to a bare minimum, if you would. The hope is that this will be read by the right folks and we will see (and hear) all this great stuff on our favorite format.

Happy Listing & Happy Listening, as always!
"I'll never again touch anything(remixes/remasters) that Kevin Gray, or Steve Hoffman, have had anything to do with"

Seconded. I'll add most Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab LPs to that as well. The latest Dylan "Blood On The Tracks"? Nice job thoroughly sanitizing and sucking every ounce of life out of the recording. The original cheap Columbia blows the MFSL away. Fremer is quite apparently deaf.
I would like to(NOT)thank Rodman99999 and Palasr for adding anything to this otherwise, civil thread.

Happy Listening! ;^)>
I never made an uncivil statement. Just stated the facts. OH, and you're quite welcome!
11-30-2009 was the date of my original contribution to this thread.

Likewise, you're welcome for an unabashed statement of fact.
I'm easy to please.....I just want the spindle hole to be centered and the record flat