Wish to Correspond with Anyone with an Amazon Turntable

I have an Amazon Referenz  TT and I would like fabricate a belt for it.  It  uses a very thin monofilament polyamide string and the replacements are rather expensive at $100 each and they tend to be short lived.  Has anyone out there in audioland made their own? 
I had one. They are a very nice turntable. The filaments should last a long time if the tension is set correctly. Considering the price of the turntable, I'd suggest sticking with the stock filaments.
I have had this TT for 18 months and am on my third string. There is no description of how to set the tension in the owners manual.  One assumes that the minimum tension needed to spin the platter without slippage would suffice.  By the same token one assumes that too much tension would ultimately stretch the string and perhaps shorten the life.  But I cannot say whether those assumptions are valid. 
Dear @lubachl : Sorry, I'm not an Amazon TT owner but I'm asking my self: is there a problem to use a silk string/thread that's not only resistent/strong and it not goes streched easily?  can you try it or the TT design avoid its use?

In the other side you always can contact Amazon: http://www.amazon-audio.de/Engl_Ama_kont.html

Regards and enjoy the music,