Wold like comments on the Avalon Compas

Has anyone heard the AValon Compas, would appreciate any feedback
I would bet the farm that Avalon with be at RMAF in two weeks and will likely be displaying the Compas. Vicksburg, If you can't make it up there for the show I would also bet that there will be several posters and reviewers writing about their listening experience with the Compas.

By the way, Lucien Pichette is with Jeff Rowland Design Group now.
Goose, I'm still missing the relevance. The Compas is purported to utilize a different complement of drivers and electronics. Did he make his assessment on the pictures? I have spent years tweaking and modifying my system to obtain the music it now offers. Critiquing a component even with a limited listening session suggests merely a hint of it's potential, but to make comparisons solely from previous designs borders on religion.
09-17-13: James63
Jeff Fritz is about the only review worth listening too these days. He is the only one I ever see saying he likes one speaker better than the other. No dancing around the question.

James63 I hear your point, but I agree with Siddh. Willingness to actually take a position versus straddling the middle is simply not a defense for taking a position out of abject ignorance. Especially someone who favors himself an objective practitioner. Jeff has lost a great deal of credibility. His actions wreak of an agenda.

Back to the OP, did anyone have the occasion at RMAF to hear the Compas?