Wolf Von Langa SON (TAS 2022 PofY) and Gestalt Audio - my experience & review

In light of the recent accolades for the Wolf Von Langa SON speakers as The Absolute Sound product of the year, I am sharing some feedback.  The WVL brand, along with the technologies used are not well publicized in the US as of yet so I thought it would be helpful to those that read the most recent article.  I also can't do so without sharing feedback on the outstanding experience I have had working with Colin King, owner of Gestalt Audio in Nashville.

This isn't intended to be an extensive review so check out the Jan 2023 TAS for that.  I have been an audio nerd for many years and have owned a decent variety of equipment but I'm generally not a frequent equipment flipper.  That said I have listened to a lot of gear from budget to very high end.  I over-research before making any changes.

My previous setup has been in place for about 10 years and was a Red Wine Audio (now Vinnie Rossi Audio) hybrid DAC/Pre , a VTL tube amp, and Reference 3a Grand Veena speakers in a dedicated small to mid sized room.

The WVL SONs were truly a rare speaker experience compared to anything else I had listened to.  They provide a combination of outstanding detail, tone, realistic sound stage or image, and ultimately musicality.  It achieves this all in addition to being one of the most enveloping speakers I've heard.  I assume this is attributed to the di-pole design.  However, its not imprecise like di-poles I've heard in the past.

Two more thoughts stand out.  First, is that bass information sounds more like instruments than just frequency sounds than most other setups I've heard. The field coil driver technology likely is the reason for that.  It's WVL's hallmark technology and worth the read for those interested.  Second, the most unique thought I've had listening to the SONs is that voices sound like they are coming from a human head.  Many speakers do a great job of placing a voice in 3D on the soundstage.  But this is the first time I've noticed the source of the voice in addition to the voice itself.

The SONs are very good at very delicate as well as very complex or dynamic music.  I listen to anything from vocals, jazz, and guitar only all the way through orchestra, metal, and rap...truly everything.  Good recordings are spectacular but it also makes the worst recordings sound much improved.

These are not the right speakers if your preference is a much more direct, out front, image.  That said WVL makes a horn version that was outstanding but not my style.  Also, the SON's detail is excellent but its delivered in a slightly less edgy manner than many speakers.

In short, they were the best speakers that I can remember every listening to for my taste in audio.  My preference is on the more linear and accurate side of the tube/analog spectrum if that helps.

If you are looking for the WVL line or other audiophile level needs, Colin is the owner of Gestalt and is truly exceptional to work with.  His style is to understand your interest and simply let you hear some things.  He has a great ear but most importantly is extremely non-salesy so you never feel like you're pushed to make a purchase.  His "store" is his house so its more like going to hang out and listen to great gear and great music with a friend.  I've been to far too many audio shops or talked on the phone with many others and he is a rarity in the industry.  For those interested, I live in Louisiana so if someone wants to listen to the WVL's in the area let me know.  He works very well with people that don't live nearby and will ship gear to you if you'd like.

To complete the picture, I also bought the Gold Note DC-10 DAC and power supply.  Also fantastic for my musical tastes after listening to many DACs.  I can share info on that if you'd like to message me.

I'm glad to answer any questions. 





Excellent! I look forward in seeing those photos.


Happy Listening!

I realize that it has been a while since this post was active, but I'm excited to say that I just put a deposit on the New Audio Frontiers Ultimate 211 SE amp and Stradivari Evo preamp. I"ve been very happy with my Circle Labs amp/preamp and the system sounds great but recently auditioned a WE 91E 300b integrated amp. The WE gave me a hint of the SET magic but overall I preferred the control and resolution of the Circle Labs pair. So I called Colin to discuss some SET options that I might consider and given his advice and that of others here I will try the NAF set up in my system. Looking forward to hearing it!


Congratulation on NAF pair. I really enjoyed the 211SE pairing with WVL Son and Horning Aristotle when I visited @gestalt. You’re in for a royal treat my friend! 

@lalitk @grannyring Can’t wait. The Circle Labs sound great, I can only image how  the SONs sound with NAF.