Women who enjoy quality speakers

In my former marriage i was introduced to high end audio by my husband.

At the time the endless visits to highend shows , meetings and shops annoyed me. Tech talk and not very female friendly designs came and went in my living room.

And although i couldnt get used to all of the above, one thing i learned , how to listen.

Now years further , in my second marriage quality audio wasnt a very well know topic of my husband working in tech. Mediocre cheaper hifi dominated the house, which looked even worse and sounded even a lot worse.

When we talked about new speakers and bang and olufsen was mentioned i knew i had to educate him , to let him know whats on the market and how things can sound.

The revelation ended in buying avalon speakers and simular quality equipement and cables.

Now its up and running i really enjoy music again!

Who would have thought that!

I have never seen a lot of other women enthousiastic about quality sound and music. Are there any in this group? Do your wifes experience the same as i did?

Wishing you all a very musical festive season,

A very happy wife,


You're not alone.

The first time my wife walked into my living room it consisted of the stereo, Sony Profeel, sofa, cardboard box coffee table which supported a twelve inch glass ashtray.

A promotions director for the Quake FM she was impressed by the reel to reel and perfectly comfortable. A deadly combination, I didn't stand a chance.

When I came home with our Avalon Eidolons she was totally stoked. When someone new visits and they ask why are those things in the middle of the room? She'll sit them down and ask if they like music as she's queuing up a side. 

Whada' do with a women like that?      
There are many reasons, but one of the simplest is this.   I don't know what you do for a living, but if a woman does exactly the same thing, she is getting paid less.  And that few thousand difference?  There goes the discretionary spending that could go into a $50K stereo.  Plus, personal expenses?  Clothes and grooming?  I could go to work in a Bean shirt and sandals and no one batted an eye. None of my female colleagues could do that.  (I doubt any single woman has a "listening room"; actually, I've never known a single man who has one!)  The women I know who manage to get enough money to spend on music (and many of them do), spend it on concert tickets, or say, a piano.
My wife has recently became interested. Purchased a NAIM Unity Atom and a pair of Klipsch LaScalas
Great Post!
I mean it.

As a kid from the Projects, I wasn't exposed to the finer things in life.
Going to an Ivy League college exposed me to things I could not afford, but still lusted for. My parents chastised me for being so gullible.
After college, working for the 1% exposed me to even more things I never knew or dreamed of. 

I would say your your former husband did much the same for you.
Let's just say life has a strange way of guiding us.
-And, guiding us to be better than we ever thought we could be, if we give it a chance. I think your current husband should consider himself blessed.
I think women are programmed to multitask — something I, and I suspect most men, struggle with — so it’s probably harder for them to just sit and focus on one thing.  This may also explain why they’re such awesome drivers.  Heh heh.