Women Who Rock

There is an excellent new docuseries on Amazon Prime called "Women Who Rock".

This series goes pretty much back to the beginning and continues through today.

Highly recommended!!!


@bdp24 Well, at least you admit it. Essentially saying, “It’s fun to segregate things based on biological factors people don’t choose.” Knock yourself out, I guess.

I was asking a legit, good-faith question. That’s kind of the essence of this entire forum. I don’t understand this proclivity to separate artists by gender and/or race.  It doesn’t make sense to me.

A description of this inquiry as, “a guy taking himself too seriously” says more about the responder than the inquirer.

“Whattya think — will this post be removed?” - Don’t flatter yourself with a contrived position of martyrdom

Barbara Streisand, Betty Middler and Liza Minelli. After that female rock was dead.

I spit the milk out my mouth when I saw someone list Miley Cyrus. Boy how far this forum has fallen. 

Oops, my 4:00 post neglected to include Jazz with Blues and Country. And then there’s Opera!

@sgreg1: I took that as a joke. I hope I wasn’t mistaken!