Women Who Rock

There is an excellent new docuseries on Amazon Prime called "Women Who Rock".

This series goes pretty much back to the beginning and continues through today.

Highly recommended!!!


I’ve known a few female drummers, and their lesser physical strength (compared to males) is a definite disadvantage. But they often play with great sensitivity and taste. Very unmasculine ;-) .

Cindy Blackman would like to have a word with you in the back alley...

^ And Sheila E, whom I also have not known. Debbie Peterson of The Bangles is a pretty darn good drummer, as was Karen Carpenter. The latter studied with Hal Blaine.

I dunno but…Chrissie Hynde?  Lucinda Williams?

And if you’ve  ever heard the live version of “Money Changes Everything”, ya’ just gotta include Cyndi Lauper for that in and of itself.