Wonderful visit and 5-star customer service at Audio Doctor in Jersey City, NJ!

For those interested in auditioning the new Paradigm Persona series, as well as other high-end brands, with the benefit of highly personalized attention and 5-star customer service, I would like to recommend a visit to Audio Doctor in Jersey City, New Jersey- they have some of the largest showroom space in the NY/NJ area, and such great customer service, period!

Audio Doctor is currently the only dealer in the NY/NJ area allowed to demo in-store/sell the Paradigm Persona speaker series, so I trekked there yesterday to audition the Paradigm Persona 3F and flagship 9H stereo speakers, which both proved stupefying and extremely impressive for their price points in as far as clarity, detail, and sound stage are concerned.

The owner, Dave, is such a wonderful guy. He gave me a personalized tour of his well-built home theater room (100+ inch projector set up with KEF speaker system, excellent room treatments, very comfortable seating, etc.), and also a tour of other five-figure speaker brands on display.

Crucially, for the Paradigm demos, Dave allowed me to bring my own interconnects and speaker cables, and also to use identical separates to what I have at my place so I could ascertain for sure what the Paradigms would sound like in my home setting. I was also pleased to see many low-budget speaker/separates set ups for those on a tight budget- all on display.

Last but not least, Dave and his wife prepared a wonderful dinner for me while I was speaker-auditioning- the tastiest Mexican Tacos I have ever had! I spent a total of 4 hours at the store, and Dave even gave me a lift back to the PATH train station (I live in NYC)... so without a doubt, I would rate the customer service at this place as the best I have ever seen in my years of visiting audio stores on both coasts.

So for the NY/NJ area audiophile crowd, Audio Doctor merits an in-person visit and comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Peter it was a pleasure to have you over to demo the Persona 3F as well as showing you the amazing potential that a pair of Persona 9H's can do when setup with serious audiophile components and cabling!

I was delighted to see that you enjoyed our demo 3F setup and that is sounded fantastic on your components.

I was also impressed with that combination of Anthem Pre/Pro and Paradsound A23 amplifier which I never tried before myself on the Persona 3F in that room, sounded so good together, so yes an old dog can learn new tricks.

We really enjoyed your company and we hope you can come back again whenever you wish, and it was fun having you over for dinner. 


Dave owner

LMAO ph2 signed up today and this is his first post. It reads like ad copy. Nice try but sorry not buying it, nice bit of role play though. "No wait you be the customer I'll be the owner this time!"
Thanks Dave- pleasure was all mine.

To JOND: This is no ad copy. I am a real person, a diplomat in fact,  residing in LIC, New York, and the proud owner of a pair of Paradigm S8s, a Paradigm C5 center, Parasound A21 amp, AVM60 pre-amp, and Morrow cables/interconnects. 

I had not met, and did not know the owners of Audio Doctor until yesterday. They are not friends of mine, and I am not beholden to them in any way. This was simply a heartfelt account of what I experienced.

You are right that I just opened my Audiogon account today- however that does not negate the veracity of my experience at Audio Doctor. I have, for a while now, been frequenting Audiogon threads w/o opening an account, but felt compelled to do so because I wanted to share my experience with the audiophile community. 

But then you don't have to take my word at face value- as they say, "trust but verify".

My suggestion: visit the store yourself and ascertain whether anything I said was made up or just "role play". I suspect you will be impressed by their service. 

Thanks for your comment though.
I too have heard great things about Audio Doctor from associates that have purchased from them.  BTW, I have been on Audiogon for many years with over 1000 posts.  I do not doubt what ph2 posted.  I believe an apology is owed to him.