Wonderful visit and 5-star customer service at Audio Doctor in Jersey City, NJ!

For those interested in auditioning the new Paradigm Persona series, as well as other high-end brands, with the benefit of highly personalized attention and 5-star customer service, I would like to recommend a visit to Audio Doctor in Jersey City, New Jersey- they have some of the largest showroom space in the NY/NJ area, and such great customer service, period!

Audio Doctor is currently the only dealer in the NY/NJ area allowed to demo in-store/sell the Paradigm Persona speaker series, so I trekked there yesterday to audition the Paradigm Persona 3F and flagship 9H stereo speakers, which both proved stupefying and extremely impressive for their price points in as far as clarity, detail, and sound stage are concerned.

The owner, Dave, is such a wonderful guy. He gave me a personalized tour of his well-built home theater room (100+ inch projector set up with KEF speaker system, excellent room treatments, very comfortable seating, etc.), and also a tour of other five-figure speaker brands on display.

Crucially, for the Paradigm demos, Dave allowed me to bring my own interconnects and speaker cables, and also to use identical separates to what I have at my place so I could ascertain for sure what the Paradigms would sound like in my home setting. I was also pleased to see many low-budget speaker/separates set ups for those on a tight budget- all on display.

Last but not least, Dave and his wife prepared a wonderful dinner for me while I was speaker-auditioning- the tastiest Mexican Tacos I have ever had! I spent a total of 4 hours at the store, and Dave even gave me a lift back to the PATH train station (I live in NYC)... so without a doubt, I would rate the customer service at this place as the best I have ever seen in my years of visiting audio stores on both coasts.

So for the NY/NJ area audiophile crowd, Audio Doctor merits an in-person visit and comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Thank you Shadorne.

I have been doing this as my main vocation for over 30 years. 

High end retailing in the late eighties to the ninties was so different. 

Customers were treated like royalty the salespeople were excited to be seeing  people and demoing and talking about audio and music was fun and exciting. 

Once the industry started allowing internet sales, rampant discounting, and started treating hand made limited production products like a commodity here is why stores are disappearing.

The Luxury goods model needs to be followed in all price ranges for high end to work. Stores need to exist to allow for neophytes to be educated, and to gain the experience of actually hearing what music can sound like when played on all manor of systems.

In our shop we have a large assortment of inexpensive really good gear, from the Micromega myamp $600.00 the Nad C368 $899, the Nuprime IDA 8 $995.00 to the $50k T+A gear.

The problem the industry is facing is the internet, if company A sells direct to customer B that customer may never get a chance to be introduced to better systems and the journey becomes a one way trip and growth is limited or curtailed. Its like in Fight Club got that wardrobe issue solved. 

Look at the success of Sonos, too many people that could afford a simple easy high end system such as streaming amp/dac and a set of speakers for $300-500 a pair are being led down a path which doesn't embrace the experience of actually reproducing music and educating the customer to how their appreciation and joy of music can be radically enhanced by buying better gear and then introducing that starter customer into the entire gamut of great gear. 

One of the products we really recommend is the Naim Muso and the Uniti line, because they represent an easy step into the world of quality audio so we can take a Sonos buyer and show them a better streaming speaker and then show that same buyer that a high quality streaming amp/dac with a set of real speakers sounds so much better and boom we have now created a person with an interest in high quality music and whose eyes and ears are awoken into the possibilites or what an entire industry can offer.

Allowing interenet sales is dooming many industries into a downward spiral getting people into stores all stores needs to be embraced, for the only way for people to purchase better anythings is to be introduced to them in a meaningful way.

Dave owner
Audio Doctor NJ

My last point is that the experience of shopping for high end luxury goods needs to be just that, an experience.

Women and signifigent others needs to be brought into the stores and educated that high end audio can be a fun hobby for them as well.

Far too many stores especially in the New York metro area are all about closing the sale rather than finding out just what product or series of products is right for the client, for this reason Audio Doctor displays many different lines so we can find just the right product for that client.

I personally loved being given a glass of wine when I was in a famous New York high end clothing store and experience was fantastic.

Our store offers  extended hours from early morning appointments to late night ones. I remember working for a big NY store and I had to escort out a potental client for a $40k system because the store mananger was in a rock band and had to leave for a band practice. The customer never came back.

 When you are in this kind of business you need to treat your customers like friends and family members because that was what worked in old time retail sales it was about creating a relationship that transcended just the sales process.

Dave owner
Audio Doctor NJ
For those that have been enlightened by this chat, so far...

I highly recommend a book...

"The Celestine Prophecy" (for heavy reading only).

It is possible to promote your store without trashing others. You posit that many dealers, especially in the NY Metro area, are all about closing the sale rather than finding out what is best for the client. You have made this self promoting assertion in other posts. To whom are you referring?
 For example, just in the past decade I have purchased items at Stereo Exchange, Innovative Audio, Audio Connection, High Water Sound, Lyric Hifi and many others, some of which did not survive the market crash. With rare exceptions, I have encountered knowledgeable owners and salespeople who care about the needs of the client. I have received many courtesies from all of the above including visits to my home, loaners of expensive gear to try in my system, insights into why a particular component might work well in my system and open ears to my suggestions of brands they may wish to carry. In addition, I have maintained personal friendships with the owners of all of the above.  
On the other hand, I did not receive the same courtesies from Dave Lalin. The few times I have encountered him, he seems to have been more interested in making a sale of what he claimed to be the best product for me--without actually determining what my needs were. 
So--promote your dealership as you are wish, but leave the integrity of other NY Metro dealers out of your comparisons. Many, including those mentioned above, have integrity in spades.  All of them have been in business longer than Audio Doctor for a reason.