Wonderful visit and 5-star customer service at Audio Doctor in Jersey City, NJ!

For those interested in auditioning the new Paradigm Persona series, as well as other high-end brands, with the benefit of highly personalized attention and 5-star customer service, I would like to recommend a visit to Audio Doctor in Jersey City, New Jersey- they have some of the largest showroom space in the NY/NJ area, and such great customer service, period!

Audio Doctor is currently the only dealer in the NY/NJ area allowed to demo in-store/sell the Paradigm Persona speaker series, so I trekked there yesterday to audition the Paradigm Persona 3F and flagship 9H stereo speakers, which both proved stupefying and extremely impressive for their price points in as far as clarity, detail, and sound stage are concerned.

The owner, Dave, is such a wonderful guy. He gave me a personalized tour of his well-built home theater room (100+ inch projector set up with KEF speaker system, excellent room treatments, very comfortable seating, etc.), and also a tour of other five-figure speaker brands on display.

Crucially, for the Paradigm demos, Dave allowed me to bring my own interconnects and speaker cables, and also to use identical separates to what I have at my place so I could ascertain for sure what the Paradigms would sound like in my home setting. I was also pleased to see many low-budget speaker/separates set ups for those on a tight budget- all on display.

Last but not least, Dave and his wife prepared a wonderful dinner for me while I was speaker-auditioning- the tastiest Mexican Tacos I have ever had! I spent a total of 4 hours at the store, and Dave even gave me a lift back to the PATH train station (I live in NYC)... so without a doubt, I would rate the customer service at this place as the best I have ever seen in my years of visiting audio stores on both coasts.

So for the NY/NJ area audiophile crowd, Audio Doctor merits an in-person visit and comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
“Lalik you miss my point about Sonos, it isn't the product per say it is the fact that many people believe that once you have a Sonos product you have handled your music needs”


Unfortunately, the world has changed. In present economic infrastructure, it’s all about the convenience and seeking best bargains across the board in person or online. 

I get what you’re referring to in your example of Amazon vs book or record store. Technology has changed all that, we are now more detached from the nature than ever (which is quite sad).  I am a very aggressive online shopper, one cannot simply overlook the fact that it saves people time, money and not to mention the wealth of information at your fingertips. 

About SONOS example, people have a choice to make informed decision through in-home trials. There are many online retailers that offers the convenience of free shipping and 30-days home trials. 

FWIW, there are times I do miss going places and interacting with people. 

It boggles my mind that some so called members attack instead of encourage folks who share their experience with the few still remaining brick and mortar places to actually touch and feel the audio gear before putting down our money.  What do you have to gain by insulting someone who does share their experience? If you don't believe it, just shut up and ignore the post. There're plenty of other subjects to read....
Ok let me address this, I have no issues with brick and mortar stores or Audio Doctor or ph2. I am a brick and mortar audio retail customer myself. However look how this looked when first posted, ph2 signed up the day of his post and it was his only post here ever. That is classic shill behavior not to mention reading a bit like ad copy. Also AudioDoctor has been extremely aggressive self promoting in these forums. That is what prompted my post. No offense to ph2 if he is a real person but perhaps the Audodoctor guys could try toning it down a notch?
Thanks again for commenting on my post Jond- I AM a real person, and everything I said was true. If you care to visit the Paradigm Persona website right now, and enter any zip code in the NY/NJ area, you will see the Audio Doctor are listed as the ONLY dealer for the Persona speaker line. So I was just trying to alert those audiophiles who would like to audition those speakers in person, as well as to share what I believe was an outstanding customer service experience. I am so sorry that you misinterpreted my aims.
Jond, the problem with these forums is that way too many people have issues with intended slights such as trolling or comming in to an post with an off topic sugestion.

Most people here are actually looking for opinions to help them make up their minds. For many actual customers, they don't care if the discussion started at I was thinking of a Magico vs a Rockport and someone suggests a Magnaplanner, or Wilson or Vandersteen or a Persona.

The issue some of you guys have is the fact that we are actively promoting the Persona series or the T+A electronics.

The answer is simple both of these brands are new to the US market, and most people are not considering them because they don't really understand or have been exposed to the speakers or the electronics.

Take for example one post which started the Grpgu4blu meelee, my friend and part time employee Troy wrote an Wilson post, that this guy consider checking out a set of Personas. 

The thread then devolved between a pissing match of us trying to prove our points and Grgr4blu attacking us.

What if the OP who was thinking of possibly spending $58k on  a set of speakers found the Personas to be better and would have saved $22k would that have been a good thing to have saved him $22k and found a speaker that would work well in his small room?

Right now we are testing a new  round of power conditioners, we are going to test Isotek, vs Audio Magic vs Torus. 

Do you think if I made that post and someone suggested a brand or a model I wasn't aware of I wouldn't find that helpful and maybe add that brand or model to our seach?

The point is everyone needs to take all of these suggestions for what they are, Do you think that even a dealer with our wealth of experience can't be turned on to something new?

We found out about the T+A gear after reading a review in the Absolute Sound, If we didn't see that review, we might never have pickup this line.

How many reviews do you miss in a magazine or don't fully comprehend just how good the product is until you experience it.

We all can learn from one another. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ