Wonderful visit and 5-star customer service at Audio Doctor in Jersey City, NJ!

For those interested in auditioning the new Paradigm Persona series, as well as other high-end brands, with the benefit of highly personalized attention and 5-star customer service, I would like to recommend a visit to Audio Doctor in Jersey City, New Jersey- they have some of the largest showroom space in the NY/NJ area, and such great customer service, period!

Audio Doctor is currently the only dealer in the NY/NJ area allowed to demo in-store/sell the Paradigm Persona speaker series, so I trekked there yesterday to audition the Paradigm Persona 3F and flagship 9H stereo speakers, which both proved stupefying and extremely impressive for their price points in as far as clarity, detail, and sound stage are concerned.

The owner, Dave, is such a wonderful guy. He gave me a personalized tour of his well-built home theater room (100+ inch projector set up with KEF speaker system, excellent room treatments, very comfortable seating, etc.), and also a tour of other five-figure speaker brands on display.

Crucially, for the Paradigm demos, Dave allowed me to bring my own interconnects and speaker cables, and also to use identical separates to what I have at my place so I could ascertain for sure what the Paradigms would sound like in my home setting. I was also pleased to see many low-budget speaker/separates set ups for those on a tight budget- all on display.

Last but not least, Dave and his wife prepared a wonderful dinner for me while I was speaker-auditioning- the tastiest Mexican Tacos I have ever had! I spent a total of 4 hours at the store, and Dave even gave me a lift back to the PATH train station (I live in NYC)... so without a doubt, I would rate the customer service at this place as the best I have ever seen in my years of visiting audio stores on both coasts.

So for the NY/NJ area audiophile crowd, Audio Doctor merits an in-person visit and comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Well said Kalali. There are those members that are so negative no matter what the topic. I read this forum daily for information and ideas but I'm turned off by these individuals who turn these forums into a venting platform. Take it from one who is retired, life is too short so chill out.

I have no issue with a dealer trying to promote a product or themselves on this forum. What's the big deal? You have the option to read it or not. For some it may be the opportunity to connect with a particular product and the dealer. I remember my brother and I spending many Saturdays in the early 70s visiting store after store in Manhattan. Back then we had the opportunity to compare many brands before deciding which system to buy. BTW- We both choose KEF speakers.

Today there isn't that luxury so promoting products and making potential buyers aware of the existence of these dealers is great for our hobby. 
I must confess that its a big turn off to me when one b&m store puts down another one regardless of the reason. If I owned one of these stores, which I wish if I could, I would go out of my way to even promote other stores, particularly if they carried the brands that I don't. It's the key to the survival of an ever shrinking group. Just saying.
Kalali, you are right. The issue however, can be that too many store owners do not have the latitude or attitude to make adjustments to their stores.

One famous NY store has a 2.5 rating on Google, to me that says a lot about the reality of what the store is doing. 

Sometimes if you constructively make a comment even a negative one it can help if the owner wants to improve their store and their customers experiences.

A certain annoying poster makes me raise points to shut down his arguments, none of us store owners, salespeople. customers are perfect what we should all be striving for is too make our clients happy if you are a store owner, and shopping honrably if you are a customer and try to patronize the stores that help you.

Dave owner
Audio Doctor NJ
To All:
I am a long time participant at Audiogon and many other forums for the last decade. I champion B&M stores which we audiophiles desperately need. As I've said, many owners of B&M stores in the NY-Metro area are personal friends. I spend time and money at many of these shops and see these gentlemen at many audio shows. I have spent over 250k in the last decade at B&M stores in the NY Metro area and I consider myself lucky to live here amidst the greatest selection of high end B&M stores in the U.S. I never see these reputable dealers on this site promoting ANYTHING they sell. 
 Audiotroy takes outrageous advantage of our time and energy by always posting how great he is, what great gear he carries ( I do not dispute that much of his gear is quality stuff) and how he is superior to other dealers because he knows (he has the best ear) and he cares and others don't. And he is famous for hijacking threads. By way of only one example of quite a few, Audiotroy today mentioned a "meelee" [sic] I had with his partner (who also posts as Audiotroy) when he hijacked a Wilson thread. In that thread, the OP asked whether he should purchase Sashas or Alexias based upon his room dimensions. Simple question.
 NOW--imagine if every dealer who sells excellent speakers other than Wilson (there are scores if not hundreds of such dealers in the US who are familiar with this forum) did what Audiotroy did. He hijacked that thread to tell the OP all about Paradigm speakers which were better for the OP's application than Wilson Sashas or Alexias at less cost. Imagine how long and uninformative such threads would be if we had to hear the same self promoting verbosity from the scores of dealers who sell Magico, Rockport, Focal, Nola, B&W, Elac, B&O, MBL, Martin Logan and many others even assuming those dealers subjectively believe that they are providing valuable information about their products to this forum.  Are there members here who would be happy to hear all of the dealers' sales pitches for their products when posting a simple direct question? Is that the educational aspect that draws this community together and makes it enjoyable? I think not.  
With Audiotroy, it's never a --"by the way Paradigms are excellent and you should check them out". It is hundreds if not thousands of words in support of himself and his brands over others. NOTE that I am not suggesting dealers cannot or should not post here. Nor do I seek to be the guardian of Audiogon propriety.  But there is a time to post and a way to post. Audiotroy does not understand either. 
As usual Grgr4blu, you take a nice conversation and pervert it and you don't ever really read our posts.

I have seen many dealers including Rhapsody, Audio Connection and others chime in and mention their products or sometimes suggest their product on an entirely different post.

As per your imagine every dealer line, most dealers including ourselves know when it is appropriate and when it is not

Have you ever seen one of our posts about  the Personas on a thread about horn speakers and 3 watt amplifiers? Or the converse ]]ly if a person has a giant room do you see us or any other sane dealer suggesting a mini monitor vs a giant floorstander?

The reason we post about some of our products is they are NEW to the market and many people haven't heard them or they might have heard them at the wrong location.

For example a client who I talked to last night heard the Personas at another dealer and was told directly to purchase Magico, do you know why? The client actually said that this famous dealer sells a lot of Magicos when the client prefered the Personas, and I heard that from our client who drove four hours to purchase from us. This means this dealer is not allowing the client to make up his mind they are trying to guide them into a product they may have preferential terms with. 

On the other hand, dealers such a myself don't care if someone purchase a Kef Blade, a Dali Epicon, or a Legacy as we sell all of these brands and the reason is that although we think the Personas are amoung the best speakers at or near their price point, someone might perfer the warmer, more bass heavy sound of a Legacy which are also wonderful speakers.

Does any Wilson dealer or Magico have to enlightene the public about their models these are established brands. However, if you turn back the clock and look at the original Magico mini  nobody new about this product it took several years of reviews and shows before people started talking about them.

Although Paradigm isn't a new company they have never built a reference speaker to compete with Wilson, Magico, Focal etc. Nor do they have many dealers for this product.

Again you protect the world from nothing and you don't read the other peoples comments. 

Please grow up and show some maturity, if you had ever been to my shop and heard our products or worked directly with me then you would know the truth that the other people are saying.

Dave Owner,
Audio Doctor NJ