Wondering how more musical is LFD Vs Rega?

I am looking for an integrated tube or solid state, I have been considering LFD old MkIII model and I own a rega brio-R what i consider musical.

Many said the LFD will probably keep me satisfy for years to come, so i am curious is if worthy the money?

I have been looking Triode Japan tubes integrated, TRV 35Se and the 845, i like tube sound as well, but no many knows them except for teh audio shows powering AZ speakers.

I looking for an step up no lateral.
I listen mostly Jazz and vocals listen to analog as well so phono is important, but i will go with a separate phono in time.

I will appreciate LFD owners and Rega to share their views pls.

Good night
If you're into tubes, you might also want to check out the VTL IT-85. I just bought one for my second system and really like it. I compared it to Luxman, NAD master, and Audio Research models....
The LFD is in a different level from the Rega in terms of musicality, refinement and organic sound.
Ive heard the Triode amps from Japan a few times & I feel the LFD is more of my taste.