Wondering if anyone can identify the speaker in this screen grab

Rick Beato recently interviewed Keith Jarrett at Mr. Jarrett’s home in New Jersey. At one point there was a brief and partial shot of what I think is the loudspeaker they were listening to. (it appears above Mr. Jarrrett’s shoulder in the screen grab)

I’m wondering if anyone knows what speaker that might be ? Mr. Jarrett is well-known for being very picky about the playback equipment he uses - just wondered what he might be using in his own home.


Ah - yes - maybe the Avalon Idea MK2. Interesting - thank you.

(oops - looks like this has been discussed on Audiogon before ; in this article he specifically talks about the "Avalon Eidolon Diamonds")

I was just listening to the set that came out in 2016 - "A Multitude of Angels" - 4 concerts from October 1996 that were the last long-form improvisations he ever did (he already had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at that time). In that case, he also recorded the concerts himself, using a pair of transformer-less microphones and a Sonosax DAT Recorder.

I’m impressed.  Many musicians have garbage systems.  Wonder what he’s driving them with?

That article is pretty detailed (it's originally from 2005)  In it, he says "what I’ve been using for quite a while is a high-end tube preamp from Convergent Audio Technology with very good transistor monoblocks [BEL 1001 Mk III] "