Woofer sucking in and out

I have a problem with my analogue set up that once it starts play, the woofers of my speaker will move in and out like crazy, unrelated to the music! It relates with volume as when the volume is low, the woofers will not move as much. May it has to do with oscillation between cartridge and arm but my set up is new. The turntable is Acoustic Solid-Transparent and rega301 arm with cardas wiring and weight mods, Herron VTSP 3A pre and VTPH phono. I wonder if placement has anything to do with it or power connection.
I hope someone who has the same problem before can give me some hints.
Of course it doesn't have to be done but very often and more often than not it is. It's a common practice that has been around since the dawn of stereo - do a search for "LP mastering 150hz mono" and you'll have enough to read for quite some time on the matter.
Vinyladdict, All filters affect phase. Period, end of story. As was said earlier, a filter is a band-aid. The OP needs to find the source of the problem and address it.
Just because you experience this phenomenon doesn't mean there's a problem to address. Period, end of story.
Hi Luna,

As Ralph (Atmasphere) said, you should make sure that the arm/cartridge relationship is correct. If there is a mis-match between the resonant frequency of the arm and cartridge it will cause very low frquency problems which will translate into pumping woofers.

If your analog set up is new you may want to contact the dealer that put it together for you for assistance. Brooks Berdan is widely considered to be an analog expert.