Wool Blankets as Room treatment

Just noticed Pendelton has some really nice wool blankets that can be hung on the wall.  They even sell the fixturing.  I would assume the wool blanked would have some beneficial properties for a blank wall?


Pendleton, Mexico. Pendejo.

Most excellent fusion brand name...😂

PENDEJO BLANKETS shall soon save the day!! Solve all acoustical problems for these lads!!



A blanket is a poor choice for wall treatment.. if you just want your walls to be aesthetically pleasing,  get some nice artwork and forget treatment (don’t fool yourself).

@jbuhl , yes, you will get some attenuation over 250 Hz or so. I would liken it to pissing into a forest fire. A HiFi room is for sound, appearances are secondary, although it is possible to make a very nice looking sound room. Put 4" acoustic tile at the first reflection points then hang your wool in front of it if you can't stand looking at acoustic foam tiles. The tiles cost about 30 cents each. Amazon sells it, but I prefer these people  https://www.thefoamfactory.com/acousticfoam/acousticfoam.html

Only in the highs and at what frequency I am not sure. If you have slap eco go for it. But honestly most treatments should be broad band at least 6’ think. You can heavily treat a room without it being too dead. The key is to treat the full spectrum and not just nuke the highs. Under 60hz is very hard to treat and that is where subs and room correction come in IMO. 

@james633  Yeah not going after anything really sophisticated.  Room is just a big echo chamber now and just trying to achieve subtle improvements on bare painted drywall and not make is look like a recording studio.  

I like the idea of the GIK diffuser panels alongside the wool blanket.   Proly do the wall behind the rig for less than $1K

Start with bass traps to get the low end under control first. This should be the first step in treating a room. Measure the room as is and then as you add treatments so you aren’t just guessing. You really can never have too much bass trapping. Go as big as you can everywhere you can.