Wool Blankets as Room treatment

Just noticed Pendelton has some really nice wool blankets that can be hung on the wall.  They even sell the fixturing.  I would assume the wool blanked would have some beneficial properties for a blank wall?

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I have done this is my ultra high end listening room a blankets or throw rugs work wonders for a room or speakers  that are bright. I found that it is helpful to reduce the energy from the bass vibrating the dry wall ( which is what sound waves are, energy)  I used a foam mattress pad behind some of the ones I use.. 

let us know and don't believe the BS. 

...occurs to me that some simple DIY of the various suggestions noted here would allow one to discover a rooms' 'issues' before dropping  major time x $'s into a solution.... ;)

An eye on aesthetics later can make for a listening room that could look as good as it sounds....mho, subject to discourse, of course.... *G* 

Spent better part of the weekend hanging the Pendleton Drum Keeper blanket. Pendleton wanted $300 for wood fixture but I bit the bullet and just made one for a fraction of that but it took some work 😅. Still need positioning work with the rig and maybe stain the wood fixture. Purdy happy with it. Have a look on my profile and let me know what yah think.


Drum Keeper

Looks a lot better than a bare wall that’s fer sure.  Any improvements in sound so far?  Don’t make any conclusions until the rug has at least 100 hours on it, ehem.