Words From the Wise

Hello fellow Audiophiles and Audio Enthousiast. I've been in the game for a little over 4 months now and I've learned tonnes of stuff along the way thanks to some very knowledgeable people on this website and in my local community (but mostly on this website).

I'll get right to the point.

Whether you are new to the game or a veteran I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the top 5 things you would tell a fellow Audiophile to better his/her enjoyment of this wonderful hobby. Please use point form or short paragraphs
1. ads always look good, they sound like pages turning.

2 equipment are a lot like crying babies, they are always more charming to the parents

3. ive never met a Krell dealer who liked Mark Levinson better.

4. ive never met a Conrad Johnson dealer who thought Audio Reasearch sounded better

5. some people would love to hear Fran Dreshers voice every morning. (for you lady philes, some women would love to hear sam Kinisons voice every morning)

6. opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one.

I guess what Im trying to say is, Listen with your own ears.
if your listening room is 12x12 before you go spending a vast amount of money on equipment you would be better off spending 10 or 15 thousand dollars building a decent size listening room like [18x20]. the sound difference between a small room and a large room is like night and day. Speakers need room to image properly. I thought I had good imaging until I converted the garage into a music room.
1. There is no cure or vacination for upgrade fever -- but we know it does strike especially hard after VISA statement date. There is always something for a little more money that sounds a wee bit better -- or so we all think.

2. Your girlfriend will never understand any of this. If she does, marry her.

3. Get a PS 300/600/1200 and some dedicated lines -- the best upgrade you can do, whether you have a $2K mid-fi setup or are bidding on those $40K Audio Research 600 tubes up for auction (damm this economy -- I want to bid!).

4. Don't be afraid to experiment. Just because your dealer doesn't carry it or recommend it, doesn't mean it won't sound great in your system. Every room, every ear, and every system's synergy is different.

5. Buy from reputable sources only -- either dealer or individucals -- always check 'em out BEFORE you write your check. But don't be afraid to buy used -- there are some terrific bargins out there if you're patient and shop mainly with your head and a little with your heart. In cases where your head and heart argue or disagree, let your ears be the final judge.

5-1/2. Never, never, never .... ship anything fragile UPS!
1.Front end front end put 50% of your initial budget in it.
2.Buy used gear that you can listen to in your system.
3.Dont read any audio Magazine's.
4.Since you dont read Magazine's listen with your ears.
5.Trust what you hear.
6.If you have over 10% of your budget invested in wires you are not following rules 3,4,5