Worked Backwards and Would like to Hear Suggestions on Speakers

I did the opposite most folks on forum suggested. I already had Bose 901 Series VI speakers but built my system around them. My setup includes Mcintosh MC501's, C2500 Preamp, Thurman Conditioner, Cary 100 DAC, which I'm selling, Oppo 105D, and MusicHall 7.1 turntable. I use all Cardas Golden XLR Cables except for Bose Equalizer which I use Cardas Golder RCA's. I mostly stream using dedicated MacBook 13" retina..

The Bose sound really good but would like suggestions for better. My range? Not sure, I can spend up to 10K but would rather stay in the 3-6K range.

After receiving everyone's suggestions, I think I may go with Bowers & Wilkins B&W 802D, what's your opinions used with MC501's?
I think back in day a lot used the 802d with mac gear,i guess it really depends on what your seeking in sound. For me those 2 brands i would never want.I prefer speed,accuracy,detail etc which neither have been accused of or shouldn't. The 802d was a popular speaker no doubt but for 10 grand you can do much much better IMO. 
Don't discount Wilson-Benesch among the other suggestions. Check them out, as they receive many top awards at shows and quite a few "jaw-dropping" responses in my listening room!
I would suggest you try to listen to Vandersteen, as well.
Magnepan would be a second choice- and would probably be close to the Bose in terms of the diffuse sound.
It's not the diffuse sound I want from the speakers, it's trying to make up for the diffuse sound by finding speakers which may help with finding more clarity and high ends, if that makes sense..