Worked Backwards and Would like to Hear Suggestions on Speakers

I did the opposite most folks on forum suggested. I already had Bose 901 Series VI speakers but built my system around them. My setup includes Mcintosh MC501's, C2500 Preamp, Thurman Conditioner, Cary 100 DAC, which I'm selling, Oppo 105D, and MusicHall 7.1 turntable. I use all Cardas Golden XLR Cables except for Bose Equalizer which I use Cardas Golder RCA's. I mostly stream using dedicated MacBook 13" retina..

The Bose sound really good but would like suggestions for better. My range? Not sure, I can spend up to 10K but would rather stay in the 3-6K range.

It's not the diffuse sound I want from the speakers, it's trying to make up for the diffuse sound by finding speakers which may help with finding more clarity and high ends, if that makes sense..
Around 2 years ago I went from new B&W 802 D2’s to used Wilson Sophia 2’s at half the cost and was much happier with the Wilson Audio purchase. No idea how they sound on McIntosh gear though. I was using BAT, Bryston Cubed and Chord at the time. Almost anything would be an improvement over 901’s so audition what you can in your budget. I sold my Marten Miles 5 for about $6,500 last year so if you could find that model or Django XL’s they are worth a listen. They provide beautiful detail and speed without being hard on the ears.
I looked into Eggelston Andrea’s IIs, Former Wilson Sophia’ ii, and Focus Whispers and I have to say the reviews were impressive and their around my price range. They also all weigh around 200lbs a piece. Can you tell me more about the JAMO's? What models were you talking about? The JAMOs I saw was only a fraction of the cost of those above which made me curious.
I'm glad you brought this up! I'm also interested in the B&W 802 D2s, so in your setup, how much happier are you with the Wilsons purchase scale 1-5? and what was it about the Wilsons you liked over the B&Ws?