"World's Best Cables" vs Audioquest interconnects

I've heard many great things about "World's Best Cables". At such low price, these alleged giant killers are a no brainer, so I ordered two pairs. When the shipment arrived, I connected one pair from my phono stage to my preamp, and another pair from my preamp to my power amp.

These cables replaced my trusty old Audioquest interconnects.

First listening impressions: extremely lean sound. Details etched in space, almost as if a strong laser beam is outlining them.

Santana I, side 1: almost unlistenable. The highs are piercing, the soundstage is flat, the splash cymbals sound like trash cans. Made my head hurt.

Switching back to my Audioquest cables: my god, what a relief! The sound is back to its good old sound of music. Everything sounds natural again.

Now, the "World's Best Cables" come with the users manual that claims that the cables need to be burned in for 175 hours. Should I give them the benefit of the doubt and suffer 175 hours, or is that just an audio myth about cables burn-in?



You do not have to "suffer listening" during the break-in period.  Since the cables are connected ahead of the power amp, the amplifier does not have to be turned on.  You will have to suffer changing or restarting the records.  If you have a tuner or cd player that can do repeat play that could do for the pre to power amp cables.  You will have set the volume level to your normal setting or maybe slightly above.

I understand that you replace both phono in and pre out at the same time.  After the break-in, I suggest replacing just one set with your Audioquest cables.  Possibly choose the best combination for your likings.

However, my experience with breaking-in cables.  They are very subtle.  I don't think Hideous to Glorious will be realized,  

Works Best Cables makes several different interconnects, I've never liked that cabe  you have. Try the Gotham GAC 4/1 interconnect with the locking RCAs for about $80. Might change your mind. Their digital Coax is also very good. Dont like their speaker cables. 

I use both Audioquest and World's Best cables interconnects between my components. I use them interchangeably, capriciously, depending on what length I have to hand. Do my choices impact my listening? Not at all. Did I need to break in the newest of these cables. No. Are there far more important elements to consider in my audio chain. Yes.

Cable burn in and electronics burn in is very real if one has decent audio system and actually spends time listening for nuances.

it can take several days worth of playing music to achieve the first level of noticeable break in. Things will continue to improve over the next several weeks. 

Trust your ears! Your system, your money, your happiness. What all of us think should not make a difference.