World's Best Stereo System ?...


Who are these people?  Perhaps should stick to building pianos?

The first video could not convey any superiority for this system.  The second just had the designer claiming insights without evidence.

Is OP connected with this company.  Sounds like a shill to me.  $500k doesn't buy the best system any more anyway.

AMTs’, yet again.....funny how they keep ’appearing’ in hi-end systems...

I think I’ll keep mine. *G*

That, and a room correction system that many unplug after awhile?

Sounds like 'keeping the day job' to me.  If you 'do' pianos, stay there.  'Audio' is way too fractious a crowd to wander into.....unless it's just the $s' are just too compelling to avoid playing to the 1%....*shrug*

The "world's best stereo system" is my own.

A. It does what I want it to do. No more, no less.

B. It sounds great to me. Better than ever thanks to some advice from Audiogon members.

C. It's paid for and I could afford it without taking out a mortgage.

To DSP or not to DSP that is the question. 

To me their DSP is tempting. They no longer make just a DSP unit or pre amp w/ DSP but rather have RoomPerfect room correction with their amps and processors.