World's Best Stereo System ?...


Is that thing even audiophile quality? Looks likes like it belongs on a sound stage rather than in someone's home. Do you really want the sound bouncing off the wall behind it as well as coming directly toward you? Can't imagine how it would sound.

@rick2000  Lyngdorf isn’t “the best” : Maybe for the lovers , and not hearing other things.; For me , (and a lot off friends) : cd-driver : CEC / Ear acute 3/ Audio Note/ Metronome Technologie Kalista ,AQWO /… ; Turntable : Thorens 124 td II, Denon MD101 , EMT,…;préamp: Daniël Hertz M6L, Audio Aero ,EAR Yoshino,…; Dac: Metronome Technologie Le DAC,… ;poweramp: VAC , Mal Valve 2, Luxman. (Tubes),Trilogy, Ear 509,… Speakers : Ilumnia Magister MK2 ( probebly the best speakers on earth). 

@randym860 ,or yours now...until it doesn't.  We've likely all have had those... ;)

@lukaske and thanks for the Illumnia tip, as an omni-dipole sort....and that 8" *woof*!  Way interesting... 👍😊

@fertguy *G*  As intended. 👌  The Ritual to launch that system likely is where mine may approach, so I'll take it as a warning of sorts...*L*

@jeffseight , too true that figure certainly takes into account the more rarified versions available now.  I began doing it in the mid-'80s', certainly have continued to, and has never needed to approach that figure.

At this point, I've in need of a better and simple space to be within to correct. *G*