World's Best Stereo System ?...

The Steinway Lyngdorf Model B Stereo System 🤔🤔


The best for who? R we talking about some standard universal approach here? For that matter we all need to have standard universal personality, hearing, taste. Isn’t it nonsense!?

Funny isn’t it, from reading all of these posts regarding the performance

Of Steinway Lyngdorf audio systems one would think all of them had 

Auditioned them.

The reality of course it is obvious that none of these contributors 


I have been an audiophile (read music lover) since I was 18, now 64.

over the years I have been fortunate to own and enjoy many high -end

Systems with kit from Linn, Meridian, Raidho and Lyngdorf audio including 

The highly acclaimed Millenium Mk4 amp.

The gentleman in the first video is Rob Sinden the main UK distributor
For SL and Lyngdorf products, where I bought my Steinway Lyngdorf

Model S, it is without doubt one of the finest audio systems I have 

Ever experienced let alone owned, 

I am not suggesting that it is the best stereo that money can buy

As such a statement is asking for trouble, however having listened

To many systems that include the most of the big names that

Lukaske mentioned I have yet to hear one better than the system

I own.

If the purpose of a audio system is to deliver realism then SL does

That better than most.

The unique patented technologies that all SL system's use are 

Extremely effective at dealing with the main problem that limits 

The performance of any audio system no matter how good or

Expensive it is , the room itself.

Also these are systems and not a concoction of separates, this means

SL have control of the entire audio chain with one single digital 

conversion just before the speaker terminals, no preamp no 

Crossover’s and no amplification in the conventional sense.

All you need to do is add a source component, I use DCS and

Rega TT with Dynavector Karat 17D3 cart and Dynavector 

P75 mk4 phono preamp and a Nordost power loom.


As for the Steinway piano connection SL is joint venture between

Lyngdorf audio that was

Based on the fact Peter Lyngdorf the man in the second video

Made a promise to the Directors of Steinway & Sons without 

Doubt the Worlds most prestigious piano brand that he could 

Demonstrate that he could produce a system that even 

Steinway’s own pianists and tuners would not be able to tell the

Difference between it and the real thing, that was the ÂŁ240K

Model D and this Peter Lyngdorf achieved.


I have heard the Model B which is stunning if you have the

Room and can afford it, I sadly can’t.

Steinway & Sons committed the Company to the joint venture 

and insisted that the Steinway name and logo was the only one

Visable on the front of each component.

You might ask why doesn’t SL normally feature in HIFI magazine 

Reviews or many high end audio shows? It’s because they don’t 
See there Company as fit for the audiophile interest, rather they

Aim at the well heeled professional musician and discerning cinephile and 


If you love music, do yourself a favour and arrange an audition.





@phoneman33   I am truly non-sarcastically happy for your find for you.  However, it feels a bit like a James May pedantic vortex.  Hope you enjoy the wit in that.  I do so love James May.

In total agreement that so many with so little have just so darn much to contribute. My vote on your observation there.  But then verbal incontinence has always troubled man.