World Wide Stereo or Accessories4less?

I am going to buy a refurbed Denon x-4700h receiver and both WWS and A4L have it at the same price. I have bought from A4L in the past and had no issues but their return policy really sucks. WWS claims to have a 60 day return window but it gets a little confusing as to any possible restocking fees/shipment costs. A4L also advertises a 3 year warranty period and WWS has 1 year, but how that works is not explained. Has anyone had any experience with WWS (I know they sell a lot through Amazon) and any suggestions which of these retailers are best? Denon has a great no cost 60 day return policy but their cost for this unit is $200 more (I had to return an x-3700 because it was defective). Thanks much.


I have had good experience with WWS and I know you can call them, not sure if you can call A4L.

I’ve bought from Accessories 4 less more than once. Never an issue. Granted, never had to return anything.