worse entertainer or performer of all time??

I would like to try something new or at least get away from what TT or amp should I pick type of posting.I am wondering from many of my fellow Audiogoners what performer past and present made you say to yourself WHO TOLD THIS PERSON THEY HAD SERIOUS TALENT. My pick would be for the moment Jennifer Lopez. I just have no idea how in the world she got where she is today. I guess just good luck and the exceptance of mediocrity. Please this posting was not meant to insult anyones musical taste.
I don't know what some of you guys got against J-Lo. She is HOT and can dance. Ok singing wise her voice doesn't have the best range and I remember one live performance it was obvious she was lip-syncing but still I would say she can entertain and perform with some of best pop starlets out there. If some of you don't like J-Lo I'm scared to know your thoughts about Ke$ha. That is one horrible singer.

I know this isn't a musical performer but acting wise the worst of all time to me has to be David Caruso.

My wife watches CSI Miami and I just CRINGE every time I hear him say his lines. I have to leave the room. It is always the same the hands go to the hips as he flips up his jacket and that gravelly harsh sounding voice starts speaking. The tone is the same even when his character is trying to be compassionate. Ugh! I liked him in King of New York but I guess that was because he barely spoke at all.
I’m feeling real ambivalence about this submission, seeing as she pretty much launched me into puberty. But based strictly on talent and performance as skills, and not, well,...eh-hem... you know; I’m reluctantly nominating Joey Heatherton. (I still love you Joey!)
Phaelon, I'm not quite sure if you remember but Joey was quite a hoofer. She really wasn't a singer, more an overall entertainer ala Ann Margaret, easy to look at. You are not alone!
OK, more choices:

Before going on, just to mention again that after carefull consideration, Kenny ''G'', ''microwave-your-meal-is-ready'' sound he makes with his instrument, is the absolute worst performer of all time in my book.

I just could not imagine sitting a 2 hours concerts of this ear-bleeding stuff. I bet even HE wears ear-plugs to his own concerts.

William Shatner. Disclosure: I happen to LIKE his ''Has Been'' cd!. But, EVERYONE I know puts him in the 3 worst performers of all time.

Foreigner: Just can't stand the singer. When he sings ''your'e as cold as ice'' I actually feel the ice run down my back. Cold and aseptic music if I ever hear it.

''ZZZNorah'' Jones. I know she is a sweetheart and all that, and that the record company WANTS me to like her. But it just gets me to sleep faster than any night-time Tylynol ever could.

Britney Spears: Ok not of my generation, but I can tell when a performer is auto-tuned and technology supported. Sings like a turkey, moves like one too. Shame.

Michael Bolton: Like Kenny G, bad enough for a second-round vote, probably a third one too if it comes around. When I hear him on the radio, only one word comes to mind: WHY?

Stay tuned for a third round....

Cheers all, and my apologies to all Kenny and Bolties fans out there - I call 'em as I hear 'em.