Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??

I just left a remark about a favorite band of mine back in the day - April Wine - that I saw in concert and was disappointed. Could have been that it was an off night for them, or maybe they were never good in concert. Maybe the lead guitarist had too much to drink? April Wine was not the worst, however. I remember Neil Young in the 1990's who was on his one-man acoustic show type of tour that many artists were taking advantage of (perhaps for financial reasons) during that time. While a friend of I had near front row seats at Desert Sky Pavilion (now Ak-Chin) in Pheonix, the crowd was just roused up into a frenzy by the warm-up band (James) and here comes Neil and his guitar/harmonica. Wow, what a sonic letdown. I remember getting up and leaving and feeling Neil's glaring eyes on us as we ushered out. I think, to this day, he probably still remembers me. We all can remember the great live concerts we attended, but what were the worst and why?
Neil Diamond in the late 70's. We made a spur of the moment decision. Had Bob Uecker seats. The reverb off the wall was horrible. We left after the second song!
The Black Crows when Shake your Money Maker was out. It was hands down the worst concert, we left about a half hour in along with probably half the crowd. 
Eric Clapton's band in 1973 at JFK Stadium in Bridgeport, CT, My mom went with me - he was so drunk he could not stand up.
'72 or so, Z Z Top @ Celebrity Theater Phx AZ Front row, so loud I still have ringing in my ears, excruciating. Left after 2 numbers.
'73 or so, Clapton @ an outside venue in Phoenix, can't remember which one, smack and booze, what song is that?
11/26/99 Celebrity Theater again, it's a rotating stage that Zappa referred to as performing on a lazy Susan.  R.I.P.  B B King. Love him, worst show ever. Played most of 'The Thrill Is Gone' and then we left after about 30 minutes of 'You Are My Sunshine' renditions. Hope the family enjoyed the ticket money.
I have been lucky I guess or perhaps I haven’t been to as many concerts as you guys.
I remember in the 70’s (or late 60’s) enjoying Alice Cooper, CCR, Neil Young. Perhaps the least enjoyable was Chicago.

Worst, when my kids were young I remember taking them to a New Kids On The Block concert...uugh! Torture!
But, they enjoyed it.

For payback, in the 90’s I took my kids to see John Fogerty, Neil Young, and the Rolling Stones concert’s and they enjoyed it!