Worst Music of All-Time

What is the suckiest, pots and pans clanging together, cat in heat, fingernail scratching on the chalkboard noise you have ever heard? To me it has to be all that MTV promoted, yo-yo-yo, B-boy pop music that seems to consume the airwaves, magazines, and television time. And by all means feel free to bash particular artists, I like that too. Example: You could find more musical talent in the restroom of a trailer park chili feed than on a Puff Daddy album. Not too far off, huh?
Hey Carl....I am putting togeter a semi-budget 2 channel system and I am in need of a preamp. I am looking to spend in the $400-600 range and would like one with a remote. I fully realize I need to check stuff out for myself to see what MY personal tastes favor, but I do have respect for your opinion. You seem to see through the B.S. of most of the equipment and give accurate assesment of equipments high points as well as its short comings. The equipment in the system so far includes a NAD 216thx amp, Paradigm Esprit Monitors, a Yamaha CDC-845 player, HSU HRS10v sub. Interconects are audioquest RUBY and the speaker cables are Alpha-core MI1. So far the equipment is leaning towards being a bit too much on the bright side, so if you have a suggetion for a pre with a warmer sound, that'd be cool. Thanks.KGB
Thank you for the compliment, but it's not totally deserved. I'm no expert on preamps, haven't tried very many...mostly tried lots o' cable. Seems like you'd need an affordable tube preamp. I have a friend who swears by Conrad Johnson's affordable ones (not sure if they're remote controlled...they're quite noisy, too). I have the Audio Alchemy DLC (solid state), but it'd likely be on the cool side in this context. I looked for an Audio Research LS-8 for a while (saw one on here for $900 recently BTW), decided I didn't need one bad enough right now. That model has a captive AC cord, but could perhaps be modified by someone to use an IEC connector, so you could use better power cords............................In any case, I'm no fan of Goertz cables, and feel you could have something cheaper, that would be a better speaker cable. I hope to try some Wireworld Atlantis 2 speaker, if I can find some (don't know what it sounds like, but it might be good for an affordable tube amp, if I ever find one I want). I just love the MIT Terminator 3, close-out priced from Audio Advisor ($90 including termination for a 10 ft pair). They need to pay me a commission! I like it mostly better than my AT Dragon Plus in my Krell system (says a lot for the MIT); this is a phenomenal speaker cable! The T-2 is great, also, for a little more.
Anything on Mapleshade label.Besides,the quality of their recordings is bad beyond words.
Anything by Crissey Hind. She made dogs howl. I believe she once said she hated rock music. She sang it that way...