Worst record ever?

I had the misfortune of spotting Sarah Vaughan's "Songs of the Beatles" at my local record store and, intrigued, I bought it since it was only $2. I'm still traumatized a few hours after listening to it; who and why would ever release a record that bad? I love Sarah as a jazz singer but her rendition of the Beatles' songs is absolutely atrocious. I just can't believe someone made a decision to actually release it.
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william shatner's 'transformed man' - first comes laughter, then a furious dash to the stereo to turn it off... what was he thinking??
Michael Bolton "My Secret Passion". Michael Bolton with undetectable talent to begin with, attacks and butchers classical pieces. On a trip to Thailand they ran a music video of him eviscerating Italian arias. Difficult to look away from a 12 car pile-up with bodies strewn across four lanes of traffic.

Good work Michael, you make Brittany Spears seem positively cerebral.
Sad part is they make big money doing it.

If you're gonna be a wannabe, get it right.