Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!

Who was/is the worst?
Agree w/ all of the above. Also, not a band, but Eddie Money (Mahoney) is one of the worst contemporary examples of talentless joe getting foisted on public by Bill Graham's promotional machine. Was a period in the 70's you couldn't go to any big concert (a la Day on the Green here in SF Bay Area) without having this guy on the bill. Also a waste of vinyl was Steve Miller. Hilarious comment by Miles Davis in his autobio...how Miles usually is down on white musicians, but in Miller's case simply pitied him for being so devoiod of talent. Most of the 80's LA metal scene was pathetic...Ratt, Twisted Sister, Poison. On the flip side, anyone have votes for most underrated bands?
I liked Ratt, and Journey too. Ratt ne how to perform live, the drummer alone was one of the best ever! You must be over 40, or something. The 70's had plenty of terrible music, too! (i.e, most of Fleetwood Mack)................Agree about Jimmy Page, talk about a guy that's gone downhill to below the bottom! And he's even too lazy to approve the Classic Records reissues of all the Zeppelin vinyl that we wait for with baited breath!
how about "sweet" with songs like "fox on the run" and "ballroom blitz"........
Some of the worst eas from 1964 to 1971. Supertramp sucked. All the 80's New Wave was crap. The ex- lead singer for 10,000 Manics has got to be the lousiest ever. She surpasses Marriane Faithful!