Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!

Who was/is the worst?
I find it hard to believe, but no one yet has mentioned Kiss. In the 70's, Kiss was representative of everything that was bad about rock and rock culture in general. I'll agree with the above on: Sweet, Pablo Cruise, Steve Miller (can't compose lyrics), and any heavy metal after 1977, especially this Metallica, Iron Maiden et al Devil-worship crap. Why I laughed so hard all through Wayne's World I and II was the spoofing of 70's rock culture, which, when you 'grow-up' musically, is alot of fun to make fun of. I still however, occasionally listen to Yes, King Crimson, ELP, Genesis (before 1978 of course).
You guys better go easy on The Archies. Sugar Sugar was the song of the year in 1969.
How about REO Speedwagon? They were bribing the record company execs of the same company that left The Clash with nothing.
All of you are missing the mark badly. The worst ever is THE ROLLING STONES. They haven't done anything creative since the 70's. But they got their big marketing machine rolling good. Their music is horrible and they always sounded bad together. They could never think of solo careers because that would require talent. IMHO, they top the list.