Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!

Who was/is the worst?
Sorry Puckie, but the Rolling Stones have written some of the gretest songs ever and helped to define the genre even if they are a bit crusty and stale now. There are better choices if you want to knock a big group.Try the Jefferson Airplane.
GWAR puts on great live shows although I'll admit their lyrics are a bit strange. At least they are doing it their way and have been successful for over 10 years.
I'd have to vote for "Faster Pussycat". An 80's band. Terrible. I don't think they ever produced anything good -- but none the less managed to get fairly popular. I (fortunately) completely forgot of the existance of this band until my girlfriend reminded me of them when I mentioned this chat topic. The thought brings back shudders -- even with the little that I can remember of their music!
That guy that did "Ricko Suave". PATHETIC! Ricky Martin is a big lip-sync no-talent too!