Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!

Who was/is the worst?
GWAR puts on great live shows although I'll admit their lyrics are a bit strange. At least they are doing it their way and have been successful for over 10 years.
I'd have to vote for "Faster Pussycat". An 80's band. Terrible. I don't think they ever produced anything good -- but none the less managed to get fairly popular. I (fortunately) completely forgot of the existance of this band until my girlfriend reminded me of them when I mentioned this chat topic. The thought brings back shudders -- even with the little that I can remember of their music!
That guy that did "Ricko Suave". PATHETIC! Ricky Martin is a big lip-sync no-talent too!
The Black Crows may not be the greatest, but they are far from being the worst. Axle Rose's voice is awesome. Can you imagine anyone else singing "The Jungle" or "November Rain"? Axle may be the Minute Man, but he is a fine singer neverthless. Peace.