Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!

Who was/is the worst?
Corazon, the point about "no good guitar players" parallels similar things I've noticed. We've got several college age interns working in our studio this summer and they've been dominating the iTunes selections pumping through the shop for the last month. Last week I was noticing the paucity of instrumental virtuosity in just about everything they were listening to. (Andrew Bird was pretty much the lone exception.) Of course, the music biz has changed so much. Back in the era of the major labels heydays, they paid for expensive studio musicians to work with artists. Those days are gone, unless you're Beyonce or Justin Timberlake. I think ProTools has had a deleterious effect on a number of aspects of musicianship as well. Somehow, virtuosos have fallen out of favor with the general music listening audience.
If one is talking about worst music and not worst musicianship, then I would say there is no such thing.
One either likes it or one does not.
If something does not float your boat then don't listen.

Nowt wrong with those cider drinking wurzels!.
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Justin Beiber. I don't care that he's not a rock band. He is without a doubt the least talented act i've ever witnessed.
I was never a KISS fan, but always wanted to see them live for the shows they put on. My boss had an extra ticket to see them this summer, so I went along.

I gained a lot of respect for them as musicians. There's no depth to the lyrics, and some of what they did on stage seemed a bit too choreographed, but those guys can play. Each of them did a solo, and none were weak by any means. They combined flawless playing of their music with excellent showmanship - beyond the platform shoes and makeup.

I'm not running out to buy their music any time soon, but they're talented musicians. There's more to them than theatrics. If you have a chance, see them live, it give you a different idea of them.