Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!

Who was/is the worst?

Gotta go Grateful Dead. As a lifelong musician, that sounds absolutely nothing like music to me. Exact same guitar solo every damn time. Obviously many folks would disagree. I know many other accomplished musicians who feel the same. And everyone applauds the Beach Boys as genius. I would never listen to a second of any of their songs. Negative 1,000,000 on the soul/groove meter. Yay harmonies, harmonies that sound like *ss......

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Man, I like Boston (the first album), Journey, Rush and select songs from Uriah Heap.


All-right, I’ve just scrolled six pages and no mention of The Shaggs. They released one album, ‘Philosophy of the World’. Maybe they were so awful that they were great? Here’s the Wiki entry;



Piece of cake , Warrant and Skid Row , no Im not going to Vet them , I just know.

Stand by, I have to go check my wifes CD,s shes got THE worst taste in music,all 80,s hair bands.

How about that boy band from Korea that just announced they are taking a hiatus from touring to work on "solo projects"? Yeah! I saw them on the morning TV show GMA. Why do young people like this stuff?

Blue Oyster Cult are one of my favorite bands of all time - been following them since 1972! Intelligent hard rock; not a common thing... 

I'm not going to say "worst ever", but for my ears Blue Oyster Cult were pretty bad.

Did I (or anyone else) already nominate Blue Cheer? To my taste about as bad as it gets. Zero sense of taste, economy, and/or musicality. 

If I don't happen to like it, it's bad and everybody that does like it is wrong - end of story! 🤣

@audition__audio Agree how could the Dead make Live Dead which is one of my favorite albums, with the fantastic Dark Star, then make consistent crap.

Jeff Beck he's made the same album 100 times.

Lots of other bad eggs out there.

There is a lot of truth with those examples given on this feed.  Some i found quite comical.  Nevertheless, everyone has opinions, and that's what its all about.
Rock n Roll on the radio, what ever is left of it, is quite poor.  If you live in NYC, we still have a few rock stations,  from century old dj's  doing their thing.  I applaud them.  Don;t mind listening to JJ flash, over and over, or the Who;s  Bab O'reily  they keep the music alive.
MTV, is probably the worst in terms of broadcasting,  once they dished the Rock genre.  Have you seen the sht that's  on their nowadays.  VH1  used to be a little better,  but again, garbage 2.0. 
We are all left with our albums, cds, vinyl, concert recordings, as well as attendance to these shows to reminisence. Old skewl, indeed, there will never be, music,  specifically speaking of classic rock, "My generation", of this magnitude.  Today, we have lip syncing, offending weak minded people, performers on stage with dancers,  and frankly in my eyes, without any musical ability or talent. How can you have 15  dancers and 1 singer, on the same stage, in their lingerie.  Anyone play any musical instruments, to tie it all together.  I guess im old skewl, and will leave it as that.  --- Be well!!
Still wrong! I suppose that you meant So have your opinion and let me have mine. Your French is excused.
some percentage always drek….

sounds  like a bunch of guys who can’t dance lamenting about the demise of middle school square dancing…
What IS the reason the phrase 'Rap is Crap' exists, then, Pauly? I don't happen to like jazz, blues, country, opera, etc, but I'm sure not going to say it's all 'crap' because I don't happen to care for it. 
millercarbon, who are you to say if an old thread is revived for good reason or not? are you a kind of judge over here? hopefully you´re not. So put your opinions and leave mines alone. Thank you.
Okay, but the discussion is worst rock band ever. Not most idiosyncratically and irrationally hated. But we love it when old threads are revived for no good reason so thanks anyway.
I believe the worst (big) band ever is U2. I´m sorry to say that, I don´t know why but I just can stand them.
Come on guys put some effort into it these guys are a far worse band than any mentioned so far https://youtu.be/E8-WHslFhbU?t=68
Strange thread given so many great bands being considered the worst. Tastes differ?

Somewhat off topic, there is a reason the phrase “rap is crap” exists. It should be expanded to include hip-hop
I think a better question to ask is worst bands by decade.  As each decade passes there have been bands that somehow got a recording contract and we all wonder why? or better yet - How?

as for me -I'll start in the 70's - styx, KISS, REO, the ramones (hate them-personal)

80's - the whole hair metal copycat scene too numerous to name, the special mention .38 special- horrible
90's - the whole white boy rap metal scene - Korn, limp bizkit etc, then tonic, soul asylum, counting crows, wallflowers
2000's - the beginning of the end of rock - fill in the __________
Got to say a lot of bands can be listed as the worst,
but my personal opinion is 
George Thorogood can’t sing worth a crap.
Don McLean 10minutes of Bye Bye American Pie.
Thread title and date caught my attention.

Does Nickleback still hold a place in anyone's heart as a truly awful 90s faux Rock Band?

I remember them as a band to goof on.
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