worst sounding great lps

Boss-born to run
Deep Purple-Machine Head
Meatloaf-bat out of hell
Blue Öyster Cult is NOT a metal band, their 1st NOT a metal album. The debut is a PSYCHEDELIC HEAVY ROCK album, the BEST both in musically & thematically ever recorded in that genre and sounds fantastic and very heavy in fact, on decent stereo system of course. The best debut from 1972 & "Then Came the Last Days of May" is the best ballad played by a rock group without unnecessary string arrangements. It was heavy stuff back in the day, when Buck Dharma ruled the World.

Black Sabbath is very different music really, it´s HEAVY METAL BOOGIE. There is 1 thing they both are similar: the dark mustached lead guitarists play the mighty Gibson SG. The gentleman in white suit Buck Dharma plays white SG, the sinister riff master in black leather Tony Iommi plays the black SG. 
we were just talking on another thread about how bad-sounding springsteen's classic stuff was--just listened to born to run and have to agree. graham parker's "stick to me" was also terribly produced by nick lowe, who's own records are very well done.