Worth upgrading from Morrow MA4's?

I'm running these components in my system, using Morrow MA4's as my ICs:

Auralic Aries
Bricasti M1
ARC Ref 75
Joseph Audio Pulsar

Do you think my system is resolving enough that I'd hear a big difference in stepping up to better ICs; say MA6's or MA7's (or something else)?
Rrolack - Doubt anyone can predict with certainty whether MA6s or 7s will provide you with a meaningful improvement (barring the unlikely event someone has your exact gear and listening space and has tried). Pretty sure Morrow has a trade in/trade up program as well as in-home trial. I suggest you email or call and see if these can work together...get a trial on 6s or 7s with option to return if no improvement or credit for trade in of your current MA cable if you keep the 6s/7s. In my experience (MA3 ICs from pre to mono blocks; SP4 from integrated amp to speakers) Morrow is very customer-friendly and will work with you - so definitely worth a call (or email) to them.
A point to keep in mind regarding analog interconnections (I presume you are not using an MA4 for the digital interconnection), is that the longer the length of the cable the greater the difference the cable is likely to make. Also, higher output impedance of the component which drives a cable will tend to increase sensitivity to cable differences. Your preamp has a considerably higher output impedance than your DAC.

Also, everything else being equal balanced interconnections (which I presume are what you are using) will generally tend to have less sensitivity to cable differences than unbalanced interconnections, especially when driven from a low output impedance.

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-- Al
My answer is an emphatic No. I have used Morrow 4s - they are very good but so are others costing half and double. I offer to send you a cable ( on loan) costing half, and if you can have someone change your cables blind, and you can identify significant difference, then you'll have some sort of answer. I have become a cynic of expensive cables ever since spending a hugely embarrassing amount in 2004 on Stealth super- hyped cables only to trade them for cables one tenth the price a year later with no regrets. I hope you get my point. The cheaper cables like clear day, signal, art audio, Mogami neglex all prove my point.
I am neither a dealer nor have any financial interest in any audio component but read so much hype and garbage about cables that I thought I'd save you some $$$!:)
If you can spring for them, there are some Darwin Ascension Plus B-Stock on sale here. Having them in my system and broken in, I'll go as far as to say I would have paid full price for them and not regretted it in the least (I blow the difference on wine every two weeks).

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The cheaper cables like clear day, signal, art audio, Mogami neglex all prove my point.

Springbok10, I must admit that the Clear Day Double Shotguns you sold me this week sound great :) If Clear Day made ICs, I'd want to try them.

Almarg, the ICs I'm running are all 1 meter in length, so pretty short.