Worth upgrading from Morrow MA4's?

I'm running these components in my system, using Morrow MA4's as my ICs:

Auralic Aries
Bricasti M1
ARC Ref 75
Joseph Audio Pulsar

Do you think my system is resolving enough that I'd hear a big difference in stepping up to better ICs; say MA6's or MA7's (or something else)?
"I have become a cynic of expensive cables ever since spending a hugely embarrassing amount in 2004 on Stealth super- hyped cables only to trade them for cables one tenth the price a year later with no regrets. I hope you get my point. The cheaper cables like clear day, signal, art audio, Mogami neglex all prove my point.
I am neither a dealer nor have any financial interest in any audio component but read so much hype and garbage about cables that I thought I'd save you some $$$!:) "

I don't see how you can prove something that's subjective. More importantly, though, your post touches on a fairly common problem. And that's looking at situations in audio using only your experiences, and then expecting everyone to see things your way. If you consider every piece of gear that you had access to up until now, it would account for a tiny portion of all the components being produced and sold.

With regards to the very expensive high end cables that didn't work out for you, it looks like you made some mistakes. You're kind of playing the victim here. The reality is, you went out and bought expensive cables without first making sure they will work well in your system. That's really your own fault. You can blame the cables and the gear and the store, and whatever else, but its still your fault. The fix is simple: Don't buy any cables or components until you know that you're making the right choice.
Zd542, there is not always the opportunity to test cables. Stealth Indra were not lent out by the Cable Company nor were they on loan by the manufacturer. I made another mistake: I bought Purist Dominus interconnects for my Atmasphere MA 2 and MP-1, only to be told by Ralph that he recommends Mogami Neglex (We're talking $5K vs $200). Guess what ? The Mogamis sounded as good. But I didnt know this before. So I am not crying victimization here -0 you choose your words harshly - I am claiming ignorance, but ignorance that is retrospective. I am trying to help Rrolack making similar very, very expensive blunders! And I am doing that by asking him to try cheaper alternatives first. Is that clearer to you? There is nothing more contentious than "cable costs" and I will stop there.
As a post script, Zd542, how do you claim to "know you're making the right choice always" if you cant always test cables?
Only buy from The Cable Company? Furthermore, I bought the cables from a friend and am certainly not blaming him nor anyone else. I acknowledge ignorance totally, not blaming anyone. Re-read my post.
Thanks for your comments, Denis (Springbok10), and for sharing your experience. As a point of information for everyone, Ralph's (Atmasphere's) designs, in contrast to many and probably most others, meet the criteria he stated here for providing complete immunity to interconnect cable differences (assuming the cable isn't defective, of course). His comments in that post BTW, including the proof that he offered for his contentions, strike me as extremely persuasive.

I would assume that is why he recommended Mogami, and is presumably the main reason why Mogami worked just as well in connecting your MP-1 to your MA-2 as the $5K cable.

In addition to the linked post, see his responses to a couple of questions I asked later in that thread.

Regarding the OP's equipment, I'm pretty certain that his ARC preamp will not meet the criteria Ralph stated. The Bricasti DAC might, but without being familiar with its design (especially its internal grounding configuration), I have no way of knowing.

Best regards,
-- Al
This may be a silly question, but if Atmasphere designs really are impervious to cable quality, why would it be recommended to use a $200 cable?

It seems like we should be using a $2 cable, and spending the other $198 on music, no?