Worth upgrading my cables?

I’ve made a ton of updates to my system over the last six months and now I’m wondering if my cables need some attention. Here are my questions:

  1. Based on my system, and current caballing (description bellow), do you think I would recognize a noticeable improvement by updating my cables?
  2. If yes, which cables would you prioritize (speaker, interconnects, power)?
  3. Lastly do you have any specific recommendations.


Current system:

  • Technics SL-1200G (Hana SL) --> Manley Chinook --> Manley Jumbo Shrimp --> Finale Audio Classic 300B monoblocks --> Klipsch Heresy IV
  • All interconnects are Morrow Audio MA1
  • Speaker cable Canare 4S11 Star Quad Bi Wire
  • Power cables Tripp Lite Heavy Duty , 15A, 14AWG


Thanks for your thoughts!


I read some good things about the audioquest robin hood speaker cables.

What do you think the system is missing in terms of sound quality?

@mastering92 great question. Overall the system sounds really nice (i've swapped a lot of components to get here) and most of the tubes are dialed in at this point (still working toward the right 300B). I guess I'm just wondering if I'm leaving some performance on the table with my current interconnects and speaker cables. 

The system has (to my ear) a good balance of detail/definition/separation and fluidity/ease. If anything, I'd be happy to have a smidge more fullness to the presentation and a touch more bass presence. 


I don’t use cables to fine-tune a system, but I will say that upgrading my DAC’s power cord to a monoprice hospital-grade cord ($11 on amazon) (up to 1625w, up to 105 degrees, and 13A with all required/over-the-top certifications improved the performance. But only very marginally. The original power cord was very cheap...not sure why an Italian company would include such a lousy power cord. (obviously the cord was made elsewhere)

I had problems with a trip-lite USB cable: music software froze with large files, jriver), after upgrading to silver - the best conductor of electricity, that problem is totally gone. Plays without a hiccup now. And it’s not because of the laptop...I have a gigabyte Aero 17 that is overpowered like hell...

Improving bass presence may mean moving your speakers back.

Experiment with moving your seating position forward, for more fullness to the presentation.

Invest your time creatively, working with what you have, before spending any money.  Make sense?