Worth upgrading my cables?

I’ve made a ton of updates to my system over the last six months and now I’m wondering if my cables need some attention. Here are my questions:

  1. Based on my system, and current caballing (description bellow), do you think I would recognize a noticeable improvement by updating my cables?
  2. If yes, which cables would you prioritize (speaker, interconnects, power)?
  3. Lastly do you have any specific recommendations.


Current system:

  • Technics SL-1200G (Hana SL) --> Manley Chinook --> Manley Jumbo Shrimp --> Finale Audio Classic 300B monoblocks --> Klipsch Heresy IV
  • All interconnects are Morrow Audio MA1
  • Speaker cable Canare 4S11 Star Quad Bi Wire
  • Power cables Tripp Lite Heavy Duty , 15A, 14AWG


Thanks for your thoughts!


Assuming that you have solved, power distribution, speaker positioning, turntable/ cartridge alignment, components support, any room treatment (if needed), then better cables, no matter if silver or copper, will definitely have a positive effect. Everything matters for achieving a good sound not just cables. You can find a good and reputable dealer and borrow complete sets to try out, and save money in the long run. I have a sweet spot for cables that use means of better conductor manufacturing process so that leaves out for me the majority of the pro called cables. In an era of Triple C, Ducc or even OCC (all of them having advanced methods of manufacturing), the ones using OFC are lacking. But good sound of a cable is not only determined by its conductor but by its overall construction, the materials used, the geometry and the connecting component.

After trying out and experimenting you can only decide what is good for your system.

So many folks here have fine quality components connected with less accomplished cables. Mistake every time!  If you need convincing, then do it. Research cable offerings, make a short list of those you would like to audition, and listen.  If you don’t hear ANY differences then you are at a point with your system where it is incapable of revealing cable variances. If your music satisfies you then you are at a good spot and should just relax and enjoy what you hear. 

If you do hear differences, the real work now begins. What cable sounds how in what system connection?  What combinations of cables in specific connections, improves the sound of your music?  The one real limiting factor is cost, assuming you have a limit on the funds you can allocate to your cable project. 

My last five system purchases have been cables. Four were power cables and one is the interconnect between my line stage and power amp.  

one warning…don’t even go there if you can’t afford the cables you audition. You can’t unhear what the auditioned cables brought to your system. That just leaves you with a persistent reality of loss.

Thanks to everyone for the helpful suggestions. It sounds like it is worth investing some better/different cables to match my system. This is not to say the cables are the be all end all, and that as always placement, room treatment, component synergy, etc. are all critical factors to consider as well. 

If you have not experimented with moving your speakers around then S Gordon’s advice is great. Mr. Prentice was also right on the money if you do go the cabling route

In order of importance for my system:

  1. speaker placement (free and uber-important)
  2. speaker isolation (own and like IsoAcoustics Gaia)
  3. speaker cables (own and like Morrow Audio)