Would a Lamm ll2.1 deluxe slay a Parasound JC2?


I have been thinking of adding a tube preamp to my chain to get a little more body and feel to the music. 

I currently have a Parasound JC2 which is detailed and dynamic. Very good really. But I may have trade and cash opportunity for a Lamm ll2.1 deluxe. It would be going into a new Bryston Cubed power amp. 

I havent heard a Lamm. Would it be a much better piece? Worthy of trying to work a deal?

Used ones are rarely up for sale/resale so guaging pricing is tough. 

Thoughts anyone?
There was a used LL2.1 deluxe offered just about 3 weeks ago for I believe 3,600.00, it actually was listed twice, which surprised me because they don't come up often, it was a dealer add where the owner moved up the Lamm line. 

Here a some good ibro on the lamm: 


Seems that the lamm will be more laid back and "slower" in comparison to the solid state parasound.  Just depends what kind of sound your are looking for and the synergy with your amp.  Parasound will be
more punchy and dynamic, so the more expansive lamm may not be an upgrade if the type of sound you are looking for  fits more with the parasound.  
Personally I don't like to use tubes to distort the sound to my liking.  I use EQ instead of heat loss to tune my music. 
Thanks so much to all.
I've decided to go for it. Should have it in a few days. Will post my thoughts.