Would a real butcher block be going to far?

My original plan was to purchase a couple of kiln dried maple slabs from the lumber yard to put under my equipment.

Being into antique furniture I decided to look around on Facebook marketplace and was able to find true old world butcher blocks from butcher stores and old farmhouses.

Companies like Butcher Block Acoustics are edge grained and get $200 and up for units that are 2 inches thick or more. Depending on what you would like to order.

Old true butcher blocks are hard maple end grain, which I believe is better, and generally run 10 to 15 inches thick. 

These can be had for as little as $250.

I am curious if anyone on here has ever went to this extreme.

My system is comprised of an Eversolo dmp-a6 streamer, Peachtree Carina integrated and Tekton Impact (not double Impacts) tower speakers. 

Power distribution is via a Shunyata PS8 with a High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Helix plugged in to it. 

All of my cables and cords are from Audio Envy. 


(Photo Link Below)

One shelf of my rack with marble cutting "board." The marble can be underlain with rubber whatevers or engaged in a "coupling" with brass supports as shown - or both if you're feelin' lucky.

Sink or Swim


This is the rack I modified. Simply replaced the threaded steel rods and fittings with brass which makes for a heavier, absorbent/coupled rack that doesn't loosen up at all compared to the steel rods which were always loosening.

Salamander 5.0 Rack

My Buddy has one of these under his VPI 19. The Block weighs over 200 lbs and it is a Three Man job to re-position. It was out of an old General Store that also sold fresh meat a long time ago. 

Solid stand on a Concrete floor.

I recently moved my 2007 Focal 1027 Electra floorstanding speakers into a second bedroom which is carpeted.  The sound was noticeably dull.  I purchased two 2" square butcher blocks from Amazon (cheap) and mounted the spikes onto the speakers that came with them (never used them before) and the sound was dramatically improved.   Personally, I don't think you have to go as far as ticat above to accomplish your goal.