Would appreciate a group consensus on Agon purchased amps

Hello all,

I purchased and recieved a pair of Bel Canto Amps form a fellow Agonner. Amps were well packaged - I paid extra for shipping with Fed Ex as the seller wanted to use UPS. I was informed prior to the sale that he did not have original boxes, and he did package them very well - no issues there.

The question I have is would any of you be bothered if you bought a pair of amps form someone on this forum and they shipped both of them without any power cables?

I rang him and inquired about the missing cables and he informed me that he did not use stock cables for any of his equipment - and the next sentance suggested that I go on Amazon and purchase "$3 dollar cables" for them. (his words).

Also, I sent an email to Bel Canto support inquiring about replacement cables for the amps and after one week have not gotten a response from them. I also find this unusual, but it has nothing to do with the seller.

For me this is a matter of principle, and I feel like I should send them back - I would rather pay more and go through a dealer next time just so I can have some level of client care.

Am I making more of this than is necessary? 

What would you do?

Thanks for taking the time to review.


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You should be able to buy a simple computer power cable at any electronics or big box store. Or ask a friend as most of us that have any computer history have boxes of them laying around. I have even seen them at CVS/Walgreens drug stores. Also any hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot 

Understandable that your frustrated with the idea of assumed policy…but this is probably not a big one? Especially with even decently built cords that can be found new for around $50-$60. Those Bell Cantos will absolutely “sing” with decent low-midFi cords. Certainly sound better than the computer cords. And then you could try more elite cords from there. I’ve got stock cords lying around. But would still opt for better ones if I had amps like those!

just the same, it is better to receive them in case you might not have any extras. That at least would guarantee a matched cable starting point. 

What type of cable do you think you would have received?  16 or 14 gauge?  Ebay about $10 each for six-foot lengths!

If you are buying used equipment and you don't ask specific questions like do you have original box, do they come with a manual, power cords, original owner, etc., then it is not on the seller but on the buyer.

I guess maybe you expected them to come with top of the line Transparent cables?

Happy Listening.