Would appreciate a group consensus on Agon purchased amps

Hello all,

I purchased and recieved a pair of Bel Canto Amps form a fellow Agonner. Amps were well packaged - I paid extra for shipping with Fed Ex as the seller wanted to use UPS. I was informed prior to the sale that he did not have original boxes, and he did package them very well - no issues there.

The question I have is would any of you be bothered if you bought a pair of amps form someone on this forum and they shipped both of them without any power cables?

I rang him and inquired about the missing cables and he informed me that he did not use stock cables for any of his equipment - and the next sentance suggested that I go on Amazon and purchase "$3 dollar cables" for them. (his words).

Also, I sent an email to Bel Canto support inquiring about replacement cables for the amps and after one week have not gotten a response from them. I also find this unusual, but it has nothing to do with the seller.

For me this is a matter of principle, and I feel like I should send them back - I would rather pay more and go through a dealer next time just so I can have some level of client care.

Am I making more of this than is necessary? 

What would you do?

Thanks for taking the time to review.



Order some budget cables from Cullen Cables. Inexpensive and are a step

up from stock cables

The seller should arrange for prompt delivery of appropriate replacement power cords from Bel Canto to you at his expense.

I had same experience but with my preamp purchase, however the seller offered me desktop power cable new… honestly, I didn’t think a minute to refuse… anyway I newer use stock cables so why to bother, a specially if I already have about ten of different stock cables in my basement storage.. I don’t need another one. 

With all that is available today in power cords, they are like a separate component. I know if I had an amp I’d at least send a stock or similar power cord, not a $3k shunyata sigma. Maybe the best way to answer this is at least mention that a power cord is not party of the deal. I have bought components where a power cord was not included. Quite frankly I didn’t care because I had my preferred power cord. Maybe we’re making too much out of nothing here. 

I think most audiophiles would be upset if an amplifier didn’t come with a remote and the seller didn’t disclose it.

If I were the seller I would have included a stock power cord and if that was overlooked I would offer to have some inexpensive ones delivered via Amazon at my expense.

If I were the buying I would be mildly annoyed if I didn’t have an extra power cord laying around as it seems like a very basic thing to include with a sale. The joy of waiting for a new amplifier to be delivered only to discover that it’s a brick for another day or two...

It’s an unnecessary hill that’s also not worth dying on.