Would Audiogoners be interested in this?

I’m looking for some feedback from the Audiogon membership on some ideas I have discussed with management regarding the site.
These are to do directly with music and it would be the intention to add something at sometime directly to do with music reviews and possibly release news.
This would clearly be a supplement to the site and not detract from the equipment side of things.
This is still at a very early stage as Audiogon management is very busy working on other things and again please take it as it is meant; as an addition to Audiogon, the main focus will remain with the other aspects of the site.

I’ve found during my time here that many Audiophiles are possibly not up to date with release news and what music is out.
I was thinking if there was an area or postings that they could have a glance at whilst visiting Audiogon that they might find some music news beneficial.
The other part would be more formal reviews of music and in trying to develop this you will see more formal reviews from myself turning up over the coming weeks.

If we could leave the reviews behind for now as I have many ideas on that I would really like feedback on the type of information I’ve got below, this is the news part of things but it is crucial to get feedback, to see if it is the type of thing you might be interested in seeing on Audiogon on a regular basis.

Please respond if you are positive, negative or indifferent.

The bare details will look a bit dry (this can be developed) but hopefully this is the type of information that Audiogoners might be interested in.
The news below is just to get a feel if it’s worthwhile ,it’s pretty brief however IF members do find this worthwhile I can post this type of stuff as it comes up and we’ll see how that develops.


Release News

Emmylou Harris: The first five Emmylou Harris albums have been re-mastered and expanded with two bonus tracks per album .The titles are Pieces Of The Sky, Elite Hotel, Luxury Liner, Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town and Blue Kentucky Girl and are due on Warner’s at mid-price at the end of Feb.

David Bowie-three of Bowie’s nineties albums have been re-mastered with bonus tracks and will be released by Virgin; Outside, Earthling and Hours are due in March.
SACD versions of Stages and Live are due in July and Let’s Dance later in the year.

March sees the long awaited release of Fleetwood Mac’s classic trilogy of Fleetwood Mac, Rumours and Tusk all newly re-mastered with bonus tracks.
Rumours will have a whole disc worth of extras from the Rumours sessions, Fleetwood Mac will have 4 bonus tracks and the epic Tusk sessions also sees an extra disc of extras.
For fans of the band this should be good news the previous CD incarnations are well below par.

The Waterboys re-release their classic 1985 album This Is The Sea famous for the hit single The Whole Of The Moon re-mastered with a bonus disc of extras from the sessions.

Genesis release The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway on DVD-A later in the summer.
Released by virgin this will include a 5.1 DTS mix and a re-mastered stereo mix supervised by Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford.

Joe Satriani has a new album due on March 31 on Epic called Is There Love In Space?

Bob Dylan has a double disc release of his famous acoustic Halloween gig released later in March on Columbia going under the snappy title of Live1964: Concert At Philharmonic Hall it features Joan Baez on a few tracks.

David Byrne has new solo album released on Nonesuch in March called Grown Backwards.

Spirit-their 1975 double album Spirit Of’76 is available on BGO on CD for the first time,it is released this month.
I'm surprised I didn't see this thread a year ago.
Just this week I was feeling like posting how I have enjoyed listening to one of my disks this week.
I'm no expert in music by any length nor could I entitle myself as a reviewer but what I had in my mind was to write a thread sharing my impressions on the music and to blend in some ideas about using a couple of tracks in order to turn the "equipment listening" more into the music.
I really support the idea and is a very welcome addition to Audiogon if done!!
I know you have your hands full but if you'd like to have more feedback on ideas you might wan't to share e-mail me directly.
Excellent initiative!!

I responded to your idea by email in a very positive way, as you already know.

The new music site is beautiful and the reviews I've read were very well executed. I wish you every success, you deserve it.
Albert thanks as always-it would be nice to hear from some of those who posted above thoughts on the actual website.