would innuos mk3 streamer benefit from network filter

I just got an innuos mk3 streamer.  The sound is not as good as my lumin u2 mini or aurender n100.


Sound is  a bit harsh to me, could just be my system or hearing, maybe it is more detailed, experienced as harshness.


Might it benefit from a network filter?




Thanks for the responses.

I bought the unit used so break in shouldn't be an issue.  But I will give it time,  maybe it wasn't used much.  The Lumin u2 mini improved greatly with time.

I am using it with a Schiit Yggdrasil.

No power conditioner.  Decent cables but not real high end.  But the Lumin and the Aurender both sound great with this setup.  I was thinking maybe the Lumin and the Aurender somehow did a better job filtering the ethernet,  in which case a filter would help?

I am sure I could get better cables, switches, routers etc.  but since the Lumin and Aurender both sound great I really don't want to go down that road.  

These are all being used with a Raven Audio Blackhawk which has never been a bottleneck with anything I have used so far.

Thanks for the tips on tweaking the sound. Tried low latency, didn't seem to make much of a difference , I will also try the other tweaks,


Maybe it is just a bad system match or just my particular hearing proclivities.




Thanks ro all who replied.

I had a similar problem

The quality improved by adding a very decent USB cable (FTA sinope), Innuos Phoenix USB and power filtering, but was still too digital.  Too hard.

What fixed it was the ethernet stage, namely adding an Uptone EtherRegen, then further expansion of its secondary components:  LPS, fiber input into its SFP slot, and finally a clock.  It now sounds smooth, rich, detailed and very musical.  What sibilance previously existed has now gone.

Given I'm reclocking the Zenith's output already, it's remarkable how also reclocking the ethernet stage improves things further.   

With the new EtherRegen out in June you should see plenty of v1 on eBay etc

Which Innuos Mk3 streamer are you using? Is it the ZenMini Mk3 without the linear power supply unit, the ZenMini Mk3 with LPSU, the Zen Mk3, or the Zenith Mk3? The sound does get better as you move up the chain, and the strategies to improve the sound may vary with each specific unit. For example, adding the LPSU to the basic ZenMini should improve the sound significantly, but the Zen and Zenith already have excellent power supplies.

I have been listening to the Innuos more, sounds better, maybe did need some break-in. Plus it is now in my second system which does have a cheap Forman power conditioner.

My streamers all have a different sound signature, which is a bit of a surprise to me.

So at this point the Innuos Zen mk3 sounds very good, just different than my Lumin and Aurender.  App is pretty good, and works well as Roon Endpoint or Core and Endpoint.


From the replies, I suspect I could benefit from some ethernet filters or audiophile switch.

My Innuos streamer/server is also a Zen Mk3. I use a Network Acoustics Eno filter on the ethernet cable feeding into my Zen. Other NA ethernet filters, such as the Muon Pro, are reported to be even better but they are more expensive than the Eno. I also use an English Electric switch prior to the Eno filter, and a better switch (such as the Innuos PhoenixNet) might improve the sound quality even further in my streaming system. I have been very pleased with the increased naturalness obtained by using an Innuos PhoenixUSB between the USB output on the Zen and the USB input on my DAC.