would innuos mk3 streamer benefit from network filter

I just got an innuos mk3 streamer.  The sound is not as good as my lumin u2 mini or aurender n100.


Sound is  a bit harsh to me, could just be my system or hearing, maybe it is more detailed, experienced as harshness.


Might it benefit from a network filter?




My Innuos streamer/server is also a Zen Mk3. I use a Network Acoustics Eno filter on the ethernet cable feeding into my Zen. Other NA ethernet filters, such as the Muon Pro, are reported to be even better but they are more expensive than the Eno. I also use an English Electric switch prior to the Eno filter, and a better switch (such as the Innuos PhoenixNet) might improve the sound quality even further in my streaming system. I have been very pleased with the increased naturalness obtained by using an Innuos PhoenixUSB between the USB output on the Zen and the USB input on my DAC. 

+1 on Network Acoustics Eno filter. It really removed any remaining digital artifacts from the signal. Another tweak that resulted in a nice improvement was replacing the stock fuse with Synergistic Research Purple fuse. 

+2 on the Network Acoustics ENO. I had a Phoenix USB but sold it. The ENO made a much bigger improvement and it was imediate. 



I broke in the Zen mk3  for about 5 days,  now it sounds fantastic.


Thanks for all help

Though I bought it used it was only about a month old, and I think little used,  so break was an issue contrary to what I had previously posted